The Off-Topic Thread


so what i said isn’t bad? i didn’t hurt anyone? ^^^^

i’m too afraid to read what i sent778900101101001010011


i genuinely do not know what i said last night. and that terrifies me. something about conspiracy and hating on that conspiracy. god music kills all negativity


Most of it makes no sense. I don’t think you’re offending anyone…except Putin. Definitely offending Putin.


I want a godzilla movie with more godzilla and less actors acting…



Aenema of the state…

Top secret colonoscopy files

Every person in the world has to get a colonoscopy cause everyone needs to know what is up each others ass.

Its the law.


NO- woah jesus caps lock. … nobody on here actually knows me as a person. like no one has spent time with me one on one, vulnerable and isolated. so no one on here actually knows what i’m really like as a person.




i wanna offend putin, kim jon un, and irritate xi jinping mildly.


cuz fuck xi jinping. he supports democracy but still china is corrupt as balls. can anyone defend china based on what i said? i don’t know anything about china except that china works with other established first world nations of mainly democratic states, should we be rooting for china leaders?


blasting my music (my personal made music) in my 800 sq ft apt and telling you that that hoe over there. she got me. i told my coworker i wanted to run for counter manager (the main head position in my dept) word got around in under 24 hours. i have no idea why i told you this. maybe you understand why i did this better than i do. i’m about to involve myself with dental work standing on thousands of dollars. maybe that’s why- maybe the fact i stopped taking my meds is why. maybe its who i really am. maybe i am completely spiraling down a chaos stream to china of drug-induced nightmares only to become later known in many weeks to come. in which i will be so traumatized i will no longer be able to speak. maybe that’s why i told you guys. maybe i’m just insane. who knows 2024 is here. so let’s do something about it


i’m going in for surgery soon. any last wishes or requests? anything i should focus on in case i don’t come back? anything anyone wanna really see happen? open line i just figured i might die (probably not) but just in case. i can post on twitter or spam 4chan or something llove yall


i’m in denial right now. i don’t accept the fact that i may go under (will) and WILL have surgery- it’s a joke to me- “that can NEVER happen to dj oxygen”


don’t worry about it too much. I’ve had surgery before and it’ll be over before you know it. And I’ve had surgery go wrong on me before, and that’s over before you know it too. You’ll be fine.


my last song. not by choice. just what i was left with



098765arp records. some how, richard d james deserves a voice and he got it-


89098i hate my mother. and i don’t support her


and 78990ood luck


7d thing. told her i’m too fucked up to have a conversation, but that i would schedule a conversation. thanks to IDMf i go to grow as an experimental creative artis8888ognized for this act.