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let us be what S666666666632




i’m a 678990



i fuck with myself and myself alone. that’s the way it’s been. that’s the way i know. that’s the way it is gonna stay. no one comes around my circle. my circle is pure, good, and that’s the way it’s staying. i’m stayin w no one. thank you to myself.


i’m a piece of shit human. i get that. but when shit hits the fucking fan. the ONLY place i stance myself is within the structured walls of IDMf. now that makes me really fucking flawed. i can’t run, i can’t hide. i got nowhere to go except when i’m exiled. so i guess i’m just walking around drunk waiting to get randomly exiled from each community. and no it’s no a pitty party i genuinely just walk straight until i hit a wall. then i turn direction. so if anyone thinks this is some twisted guilt trip- it’s not- nor does anyone have the time with children and bills to do something so absurd. yet another reason you should check me before you let me walk through the front door


Why am i pondering the gender of futuramas hedonismbot…like…

If hedonism bot was a dude…gross
If hedonism bot was a chick…still gross…

Also the unchecked cultural hedonism of which lead to metoo…and after metoo ironically there is a shift back to some of the old traditional ethics that existed before the counter culture sexual revolution of the last 50 something years…


Conclusion ugh.


the wicked never get a shoutout. i wanna start that. the jonestown ppl. i have always benn attracted to that type of worship. a worship i was never allowed to have as a child. something i never understood as a pre teen. devout religion. the closest i ever saw was a kid sould- 2 actually who worshipped christ. and were very much aware of our handlings. we tried to fuck as a far as we could. as males. and the trusth is that we almost succeded. weak children = weak results. i had ample opportunitie to fucik. i chose zero. i am celebite


i quotedremember by kaskade. o gpt cf;adgged. and wonec e you intermpret this. all youa HAVE TO do i remind yourself that dj oxygen copyrighted a legednd. and guess who suffers? i will never be beauty. i speak in riddles. i love you all .


al l i was platnning fir was to get my fucking audido. when sheit actually went donw all i got was this fucking tshirt. i ahve failed as a huma;n. and i genuinely triend. wits a bit rusty. a term i would describe a s being safe in the antarctice cirlcle./ go killllll me because tflat earth is real,this is what a loser looks like. a lost disgusting sould no one wishedes to assocatiate with . i’m that guy. the guy noboduy really enjoys but they put up with him because, “fuck it he’s smart”- i remember when i cared about my stats. i remember when i cares about my alone time. i remember when i cares abdout my suffering. never thought i’d be moving to non coherency


you can log me out. i get it- but i’m not gonna stop. i’m a scum bag loser piec of sh6t. and i’m not dying on mt grave. IDMf is better. and IDMf will prosper. i don’t want to share or save. i just simplt want to exsitst. i hate it here and nothing is gonn a change that. i’m gonna die wlone. and that is the only happy thing if have doing for me. dying alone. d


i’m a piece of shit. if you knew me you would undersatnad- WAH IT. STERILOZE IT


i can’t take this anymoeere. just pushing out painful art that hurts me alone in my room. without ayone. ddd i cant do this anyonmore. dldkk eveyrything is wrong and bad. and sobriety just causes me to drunk. k eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fucking kill me i never did anything of avaouloue io on this planet. i just want to go to marks. at least mars witll be a stip in the right direciton. mars is the only positibe thing humanity has done. anow . i’m gonna sugger alone in my room. there is nothing left. keill eerything and run away as far as ayou can. edga finallu showed me me how to just kill yourself and then walk awyas.


Everyone’s different, but sobriety works so much better for my life. It’s only been just over 3 years now, but I’d highly recommend giving it a chance if you sense that there’s something going on in that department.

Honestly, it kind of sucks. Everyone I know who still drinks a lot seems very stunted like I was. I don’t know if there’s any room for real growth when it’s in our lives, but that’s just my opinion.


In my very very humble opinion, stuff like that especially doesn’t work well when there is change/adaptation going on or needed. Not really the same, but smoking weed worked really great for me for decades, at least from what I could see, until I needed to change for external reasons and then I had real problems stopping with it, since external pressure is another welcome excuse to smoke… It can be done, though, no matter how hard it seems at the time.


It looks like that there is something that is causing you turmoil and as a result you are acting out…

Whatever it is youve got deal with the problem head on and conquer your problems…
otherwise your problems will conquer you.

Even though you are suffering youve got to exercise self control.

Metaphorically Life kicks everybody ass the people that come through are the ones that can put up a fight…and go toe to toe.


Haha I run my own business and do occasional social media posts for it and have attracted a hater who always posts saying my business isn’t a real business. It’s so surreal I have zero idea why this person targets me


A king size snickers bar sort of looks like a poop.

Yeah…i know.