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Most people who say this are holding themselves to a ridiculously high standard. Sometimes I like to think that if you learned something, made something, and felt something through any of it, you didn’t ‘flop’ at all.


Brolonado bro vinci
Bro music


this post made my friday complete


IDMf grounds me. it is the one safe space i have in life where i can go and feel normal. everywhere else i am wearing as mask i feel like. and that’s just not comfortable on my face. Thanks giyz! i go internetz now & makiz tehz moosikz. and drinketh tehz beerz. and be merry after a HARD fucking week. my job is amazing & i am glad i was gifted such. it’s a sacrifice but an adult sacrifice i must make in order to survive. i’m getting older and soon i will have to worry about cancer. a few years left LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111010101010001000101011101010010


Cock rock


dude… did you fucking vibe to that shit in like 2002? coqroq? that shit lives in the bowels of my fucking soul


went to a work christmas party. was afraid. got there. found out i was confident & excited. saw my crush. flirted with her friend. kept my distance respecfully. had a total blast. i drank 2 light beers to calm down. got a present. gave my present to a queen in the company. (she’s a regional manager with a family & kids)- i felt so fucking comfortable alone and with everyone. sure there were awkward moments when i was standing alone by myself with a random present in my hand and a half drank beer all alone with no one around me to bounce off of. it felt awkward. but i mean damn- it felt AWKWARD. for like 26 seconds. and then i decided to just vibe with it. just be alone in that moment. and it - i mean i fucking FOUGHT to get to that moment where i felt at peace. the whole process of 26 fucking seconds of just- fucking - ABSOLUTE TORMENT AND FEAR AND NAUSEA AND INSECURITY AND WANTING TO RUN THE FUCK OUT OF THAT GOD DAMNED BUILDING FOR MY LIFE AND PUKE MY GUTS UP IN UNCERTAINTY. and i fought through it. for 26 straight slow agonizing seconds. i fought through it. and after i settled, i realized i was still safe. nothing had changed. no one was out to kill me & my family. no one was laughing at me. to be fair, no one was even paying attention to me. … and if they were?.. you know what i learned in that 26 seconds?.. FUCK EM.

live your life. love yourself. never stop making music. as bad as it gets- don’t give up. your music speaks stronger for you than you can imagine. i’m just spitballing out here NOBODY FUCKING KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT as long as you are vibing in LOVE and not hurting anyone. if ur hurting others you need help- i’m tired, slightly drnk, and out of inspiration. i gotta go to bed. love you guys,. THANK YOU IDMf for existing. it wouldn’t have been possible without you guys <3


i’ve done too much. i need to fucking stopl STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP. … stop my good sir. kind soul Stop now. embrace your love and accept your gift. go home and recuperate. you need to calm the fuck down. please. i beg you. everything is alright. everything is safe everything is normal. no one has been hurt no one is dying no one is crying no one even cares. please. i am BEGGING YOU. STOP THIS FUCKING MADNESS. STOP THIS FUCKING MADNESS. YOU ARE OK EVERYONE IS OK EVERYONE IS SAFE IN THEIR HOMES AT HOME SAFE YOU ARE SAFE THEY ARE SAFE NOTHING HAS BEEN BROKEN YOU ARE NORMAL YOU ARE TRYING REALLY HARD YOU ARE DOING GOOD THINGS YOU MUST STOP THIS YOU ARE OK NOW STOP TALKING IN ALL CAPS LOCK. thank you. now calm the fuck down and go to work and do YOUR FUCKING JOB. and love everyone and stop killing yourself you are a good person you have done many good things this end of year. now go out there and embrace 20 fucking 24. have fun with that shit. and seriously, find a god damned therapist to talk to… you need help. i love you all <3 --4mp // 0xy


please for 2024 please add me on tiktok. i’m all out here by myself and i just want a buddy


the label know’s what it’s doing. the label know’s EXACTLY what the fuck it’s doing. and that’s all that matters. because THAT is what structure looks like. THAT is what coherence looks like. & THAT is what security looks like


Igs threads and twitter…a lot of opinions are legit straw man and ad hominem…for sole the purpose of being a dog whistle…

Dog whistles are bait…and if you take the bait you get caught in a bunch of nonsense.

A fool is a fool
Those who engage with fools become fools.






i thought we have gotten through this already. clearly we have not.




i’m sorry idmf i was a 33333652


for those who go w4463


“i am more than capable of separating feelings.”— the 100