The Off-Topic Thread


Obamahameha, dodonald ray, and biden blast

Not the gameplay, its the trash talking.


Havent been making music…

Mostly because the music ideas i have could be better…

Also because i dont want spend so much time in front of a computer


I should quit this forum…

  1. I hardly music anymore
  2. My shitposting
  3. I have nothing else to contribute other than my bullshit…
  4. The forum would be better off.


woah dude. hold on. if this is a drunk post or a fucked up post i get it- i TOTALY understand. but dude… you’re fucking BFK. all breaks on for bfk dude. cmon take a minute to collect yourself and don’t do anything bad to yourself. like hurt yourself or WORSE if you know what i mean. take a minute dude smoke a cig with me i’m right here with you.


just recruited (i think)_ a new member. i hope he stops by his name is glitchface. i don’t think he’s on the forum yet but if so i’m sorry i didn’t recognize you. everyone. get in here to support BFK NOW!!!11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111110100010100010010010101010000101010101000101010101001010101 I’M Not joking fucking support bfk. not a joke. support your brethren jesus christ



No need to panic…

Im just faced with a dilemma…

Its like ive done nothing but post political bs…for a while on idmf…i might as well be one of those pundit assholes on tv…or those influencers that shared osama bin ladens letter…

But yeah its like i dont music much anymore…

I just dont want to wind up spamming the forum with political shit cause im bored…


wait it out. take a break. we’ll be here. with or without you idmF will be here. you decide. we love you regardless <3


You got that electronica big beat challenge to work on. I’m still in progress on my submission for that, I just got sidetracked by the IDMf album, starting a new job, and another dnb song.


How to defend yourself against political machiavellianism…

  1. Call it out without calling it out…
  2. Flip the script
  3. Leverage


My best defense is just being an idiot. I’ll be the first person in the room to say, “I don’t know what that means”, and when they have to explain a million different things to me to finally get to the point, it kind of loses its meaning entirely.

It’s like that Weezer song, just pull the thread as they walk away or however the fuck it goes :smiley:


Bob green montana tech


Disco grunge rap


Just had an epiphany not related to music


Bro ccoli





Psycho poetry is ass.


Time flies, and this is only after the site was rebuilt 5 years ago. Wow it’s already been 5 years.


Since youve been gone my penis feels for the first time…
Since youve been gone…
Yeah yeah…


idk wtf is going on with the netlabel but i feel it is under control. communication is the solution. and i feel like, based on what i have read, that the netlabel is Communicating accordingly. and that is all anyone can ask. communication. sharing of ideas. sharing of emotions. sharing of diplomatic stances. let’s get it done! aside from that. i am leaving tiktok. not permanently, just for now. i just don’t see it the same anymore. i had hope once. but i need to remind myself who i associate myself with. and remember that those individuals do not use tiktok. we’re a rare strange breed. a good breed. but a lesser breed. and it hurts alot less now in my 30’s. the truth is as of now that my presence was not intended for this strange hip app known as tiktok. i’m a generation before. i am limewire. i am not tiktok. salute to those who have succeeded. i have flopped. another reason to stay UNDER GROUND. i guess. fuck if i know i’m making this shit up as i go. just like EVERYONE FUCKING ELSE.