The Off-Topic Thread


Get drunk and starting a fight at a waffle house at 4am in atlanta…

Cure to mental health.


The social media manosphere can go kick rocks…

The social media political cultural community can go kick rocks…

The stuff is so artificial and only pushes a meaningless agenda.


i got my first hater on soundcloud. probably from this hooker’s tiktok page i imagine but am not very certain. i really like haters because it shows you how much below you they are and how awesome you are. it reminds me of all the years i’ve spent listening to tens, 20’s 30 genres. and finding out which ones were great and which ones were trash. i have a good community and headspace in music i’m quite greatful of. to imagine i could have ended up like a basement dwelling troll hating on other’s hard work. that couldve been me. like WOAH. i’m lucky to be where i am


big bro little bro mom stepdad uncle and gramma ain’t helpin you through this








#stunted ::: i will upload the entire conversation if this persissts


Nah, that’s a troll. Real haters use RYM


Bot = troll + hater




i’m taking this troll to a different dimension. i want him to wish he never met me



Fisting more ham than a taint goblin on pcp




Long island iced tea


there’s no where left for me to go except up. i can’t just go down that’s literally impossible. i just have to keep pushing through the stratosphere until i pop out the other side of existence. what else can be done you cannot literally “undo” the damage you did to your existence. you have to grow stronger and smarter and faster and better. what tf else do you do? this is actually my life. i am not getting younger. i am not gaining less weight. i am not getting less intelligent. i need to push further into the unknown WITHOUT the use of psychoactive substances. what other choice do i have? my parents aren’t around much longer and idk how i’m gonna take that1.


Finally, a drink made with hot dog-flavored water :exploding_head: