The Off-Topic Thread


Morgan freeman is jimi hendrix


Politics aside Jada pinkett and will smith both need a reality check…


Politics just makes people crazy…

Just be a normal human being ffs


Work as if no one gives a fuck about you…or has your back…

Survive on your own wit and skills…


Man, I’d be so fucked if this were the case for me. I think I’m the living inversion of this right here


The facepalm is strong.

Racism is wrong.

But all the racial talk makes people crazy.


Im drunk…

A perturberamce of cockling thy fizzle for shizzle …rocking out with thy own swagger…like the honey badger because the honey badger doesnt give two shits it will fight a snake or a polar bear…bro…


i came back at a very good time, love you guys. hope i didn’t do anything too terrible in the past


I havent looked at fb for 4 days…

Im getting sick of social media.

Its mostly just a bunch of self absorbed attention seekers trying to show off how awesome they are or conversely they use it as a social resume.

Additionally people being political with it…ive made a few political posts and the spam is becoming more personalized via telling me what they think i want to hear…not good…

Lastly its become a platform aka safe space for the socially abhorrent of whom have disgusting beliefs.

Im so done with that bullshit.



Best decision I ever made re: social media = never install that wretched FB app on my phone. Mostly it was because I have zero trust in that shitty company and I didn’t want their processes running in the background at all times, gathering who knows what data they can steal until people notice and sue them. Also don’t have/use Messenger either. I have FB on the PC but barely ever use it. It’s just such a painfully bad experience every time.

I have Instagram on my phone because I do post a lot of pictures (to remember what I do through the years) and that’s it. All my posts are private/friends only. I’d rather not have it but it’s helpful - although Zuckerberg is successfully destroying it, as it’s more of a never-ending advertising doomscroll than anything else these days…

Social media sucks so hard. I have found myself spending more time on old-school forums/communities such as IDMf and it’s a million times better. Unfortunately, most such forums have very little traffic nowadays.


Even Reddit has gone that way in recent years. At one point it seemed like a decent place that bred interesting discussion, and now every thread feels like you just ran into your retarded cousin and all of his friends at Walmart. It’s funny that news sites like to report that less than 5% of Twitter (is it X now? I’m out of the loop) is comprised of bots, whereas the FBI’s estimate is more along the lines of 80%. One of those definitely sounds correct.

FB seems to be good to keep in touch with people (I wouldn’t know, I use my phone mostly and I’m a recluse), but having to hear their political opinions all day as a tradeoff seems a bit boring. I’d also suspect anyone I didn’t know IRL was likely to be a bot because it’s hard to find interesting discussion there where people actually retain their humanity and composure like they typically do IRL.

I hope forums (especially this one) start coming back to life again, because it’s always a good time.


DRINKING. jesus christ caps lokc.

i had to do 3 hours of laundry tonight. turned into 4. so my schedule is now off. i’m -700$ in my bank account and i work in 8 hours. good times


i mean i never dreamt as a kid i would be using so much ram or whatever you call space in computers. that i would constantly be using too much to crash a computer because i wanted to make glitch music. i crash my computer on a regular 5 week basis because i use too much glitch. is anyone else experiencing this? because i crash my computer because of glitch music almost 6 times per year. i remember the first time i ever crashed my computer. because i made glitch music. does anyone else have a story about this because i do this regularly


if you EVER asked the question, “why am i being punished?..”
you are my fucking people


Depending on your DAW, freezing, flattening or bouncing in place can do wonders. I’m always working on lo-spec setups, and rendering to audio is a really important part of my workflow.

Also, depending on how much you like to resample, this is a great workflow hack because you always have your stems on hand. So if you ever need to cut something up or go for another round of glitching, it’s already bounced to audio and ready to import.


I reset or turn off my computer at least daily. That flushes the ram.



Also Not a political statement


if you commit to being a part of this community, then you commit to submitting your music when you can. (if you can)


I need new thoughts