The Off-Topic Thread


i bottomed out. told this rando dude who makes “music” to not end up like me.


If you ended up working a 9-5 instead of chasing a very unlikely dream, I think you’re actually doing a lot better than you might think. Look at what happened to Smash Mouth himself, he sold his soul to the devil and how he’s ded :smiley:


What slime said.


as far as weekends go. this one has been solid. i didn’t text any coworkers or bosses out of line. i didn’t make my family scared with weird texts. i just maintained a coool calm demeanor. my neighbors are probably annoyed at my music but


yeah i’m a deeply fucked up person


i’m just gona make a one off ignorant comment. so eread read read read it or not idc. or do. idc. but i do.


but let me ask you. what of anythi


So many people are insecure and have anxiety about their fucked up life and are moderately functional…

dont get yourself fucked up because a lot of people project their own shit onto others.

As long as you dont go full kanye and start nude streaking.

What im getting at social media brings out stuff in people…so often its become normal…so dont beat yourself up about it…everyone does it in different fashion…

Just find a good way to regulate like dropping and do 20 pushups everytime you get a certain feeling…

Train your brain…hypnotize yourself sort of to be more level.


Yeah, I agree. Everyone’s always been a bit fucked up in that case, we just have boxes and labels for each flavor now. I wouldn’t even call most of these flavors ‘fucked up’ at all, but to each their own.


it’s that time of year. but for me personally i have to just drop the truth to you guys. my life as it is, is in a really bad space. my home life is in great jeapordy. has been for a while now. and my music is reflecting that. not good at all. and i do apologize to anyone who genuinely has tried to help out with words of advice & wisdom & helping. i am truly sorry. i appreciate all you got. but i gotta be honest with you. my life is gonna be a continual blur since about june10th, my birthday. until today- and moving forward my life is gonna be pretty much bad. if i don’t handle this as i need to i will implode and deconstruct. i am handling this the best way i can and that includes alot of drunk nights. say what you will feel about it as you like. at the end of the day more like all of my posts are going to only be under heavy alcohol. and i’m sorry if i offended anyone or missed multiple if not truck loads of deadlines i promissed. it wasn’t persomanl. it was life getting very serious my job has taken over the majority of my life and my drug preference does not allow for anything to interfere with my schedule. and now it has. and alot of my personal time is spent debating why i should stay an employee and not just go to jail. if that makes no sense. it does to me. if it wasn’t for my family i would be incarcerated to this day. sorry i cannot go into detail just know i don’t play games with my needs and demands. and now i am ranting. enjoy your time. sorry if i fucked you. it was never personal i am just in a very strange bad uncomfortable rut that doesn’t honestly seem to be releasing it’s hell upon me any time soon. so i’m gonna eat food and put gas in my car. because that’s about all i can handle right now. i don’t want to let anyone down i am just too fucking murdered to do anything else and i at least wanted to tell you guys my fam so you would know whats up when i do crazy embarrassing shit. sorry, i’m just gonna go my dad just called me and i’m drunk as shit . sorry.


My desktop computer died so I had it fixed at a computer repair place. They transferred my data onto a new harddrive. Everything except my porn folder :joy:. It doesn’t matter, but it did get me thinking…are they allowed to be selective? Is there some sort of law they have to follow? Not saying they were going through all my files meticulously, but it did weird me out :grimacing:


hang in there buddy, always a good place to vent here


I want christina hendricks to do brazilian jiu jutsu to me…


Twerkcore music

It basically like agressive sound designy disco mixed with bass and hip hop.


Self absorbed judgementalism…

Pick a lane…

People can be hedonistic and shallow it is not unique to a gender…

However complaining about double standards or the oppression of society, or trying to dictate cultural norms, means that you are weak as an adult…or that you dont compare with the competition.

Also im not condoning dirty sanchez as a norm…
But there is such a thing as having better sense…

What im getting at is that the greater cultural debate between men and women about men and women…a lot of it is nonsense.

It is just opinions farting against each other. And therefore is trite.


lol, I’ve been freelancing off and on as a PC tech for over a decade and I always skip over shit like this (because hell no, I am not looking to see what’s in there or anywhere else for that matter). If there’s already some problems with the HDD, I just ignore large video files and backup whatever looks important, or just straight up ask them what they want (they’re not going to talk about that folder, spoiler alert).

It’s probably not a law for them, but just a protocol. There are bound to be human eyes in there, like it or not, because you can’t always automate every part of the process, depending on what problems you were originally facing and because troubleshooting can be pretty intense. Plus, they might have a strict policy against transferring things like that intentionally, meaning they actually have to weed it out themselves.


Fair enough. I assumed they would just open the most general things ie My Documents and the Program drives and copy over everything to save time and hassle. At no point did I sign anything to say they had control over what would be transferred.

I should go back obviously and lose my shit make a scene of them not transfering my sacred collection of embarrassing darkness :+1:


Men and women don’t understand each other. And then bring the other genders into the mix for added confusion :man_facepalming: we seem to be moving further apart from each other, not closer. Everything is a political debate now


we’re in the disinformation age


Fairly accurate