The Off-Topic Thread


Haha, yeah I remember the move from FL 10 to 11 being a big change in terms of the looks. I started with FL10, which must make me an ancient wizard who can read ancient-er script.


The one on the left I bought in September 2008… 15 years ago…!!

The one on the right I got in December 2021


i’m obsessed with a girl. who is a woman. who never existed.


so yeah. i would say my obsession with a fantasy has some serious red flags attached to my regular dating profile. this happened in 2020. and i am not over it yet. i would say that is a giant red flag. obsessing over a person 3 years after you “break up”. yeah i have problems.


she did it. she replied to my video on tiktok. while i was using her voice very clearly. she replied with a love emoji. omg this is incredible. like idk if you guys understand that but i just got god tiered.


Damn, I almost want to flip through these just to see what insane tricks exist that I otherwise don’t know about. If they’re still allowing free audio exports on the demo, I kind of want to use this as an off-the-wall design tool again, even if the workflow feels a little janky at times




it’s a particularly bad day today. my home is not my home. my family is not my family. my music is not my music. my work is not my work. and i am way too fucked up to stop any of this. i wish this never happened. 6 months ago i was in control. 6 months forward i am nothing. i want you back. i fucking want you back you devli evil fuck


i hate what you did to me. and i hate you. and i hate you agian i fucking hate you. but do it one more time




Jason is dating nicole im talking about one of those reality tv shits drama…



!!! and it does.


tmi. …


holy fuck gtrill doesn’t even surface on google. holy fuck what have i done?


looking for a new empire?


holy fuck. i was on a track. and it got de-railed… it got COMPLETELY DE-RAILED. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. what have i done?.. jesus god what have i done?!?


welp, i found my song. and the song title is, drumroll plz…477 BAG MAX VOLUME


ironic how the one song i needed when i am shitting brick rainbows of acid out of my eyeballs is a manic song. the th


just rewriting my old posts