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well god damn… at least


i have not put sleep pants on becuase i gotta go to work when they call my phone.


You know I worked too much this week when I just launched my daw and was looking for the purchases menu from my ERP system at work. OK, time to make some musics now.


When a penis has a boxed lunch then you will know the importance of fingerblasting a meat taco…as you slap your enemies with a smoked ham.


Forever alone talks about politics then wonders why they are forever alone.


really sorry. but not really sorry. i am fucked up. i mean as a person. i am REALLY fucked up. and i take it out by bleeding my strange heart to idmF. i hope no one is ever offended. i just do my best. sometimes i fall hard. and i just want you all to see me fall. because you are my family. i’m 34. and that isn’t a joke. just bear with me. please bear with me. i am sorry


hoobastank is amazing


i have over a thousand dollars in guitar center gift cards that i confirmed in store, are still active. tell me what to buy


how come whores get to live their best lives and still be miserable? i mean what kind of fucked shit is that? like sell your insides for money. make literal thousands of dollars. hate yourself. and get to experience the best parts of humanity no one will ever see. get raped get kidnapped. but hey- you got to take a weekend in the caymans. how literal fucked is that? i wish i NEVER met that woman. i hate her because she hates herself and she is great. and she gets everything i never had. and everything i ever wanted. and she gets all of it. and she wishes she died long ago. how fucking uncomprehendibly fucked is that?


You could always sell a kidney! But more importantly, this probably just demonstrates that no matter what you have (or don’t have), we’re not really hardwired for happiness and contentment as humans. Grasping for more (outside of actual survival needs) rarely solves the issue, if ever.

You know things have gotten bad enough (or you’ve achieved a small granule of wisdom) when you’re just happy they’re not any worse :smiley:

I can’t speak for everyone, but a) I don’t think having bipolar disorder makes you fucked up and b) people used to vent on here all the time (myself included) over shit going on in their lives (I also said a lot of things that I still regret, or what I can remember about it anyway).

My question is: how do we get them all to come back? :smiley:




Jason aldean…

And kanye variant 1, kanye varient 2, kanye variant 3…

All are Idiotic.


Apparently FL Studio is getting a built-in stem separator. This seems like a potentially massive design tool, especially if it’s going to be as good as they’re hyping it up to be.

The ML DAW wars are going to be a good show


I wonder how the stem seperator can be used to glitch.


I watched one of the recent update videos and the most exciting feature, by far, was automatic background updates.

I know it’s not an issue anymore, but I remember a time when the update process was to back up your projects and samples, uninstall the entire FL system, and then reinstall the new version and add your files back in. Because of that, I still very rarely actually do the updates. So if FL just handles it in the background and keeps me up to date, biggest quality of life improvement ever right there.


Also, when did they add the auto mixer routing for audio clips when you drag a bunch into the playlist? Because that saves me like half an hour setting up mixes when I get a bunch of stems in from someone. Second biggest quality of life improvement ever.


This is one of the reasons why I always hated FL, so if they fixed it that’s kind of huge to me. Didn’t they all just route to bus 1 or something (if not the master itself)? That was the most god-awful hurdle to just sitting down and making music with it imaginable


Yeah, and it has to be a recent update too, because I remember having to do mixes like that within the last two years. But last month I got like 60 stems from someone, dragged the folder onto the playlist and it automatically made them all audio tracks and routed them to individual mixer channels (and I think even copied the stem names to the mixer channels). So I just had to add and route a few busses, and color code everything.

It doesn’t do that for every instrument I add unfortunately, but I realized recently that you can just mouse over the channel routing in the instrument rack and use the mouse wheel to change what mixer track it’s being sent to, so that’s not too bad. Plus, I’m usually not adding instruments in bulk like I would stems.


I think that happened with version 21 (released end 2022).

Showing your age, grandpa :smile: But yeah, I remember those dark days. I started FL Studio at version 6 myself.

Their updates have been very easy & smooth for at least 5-6 years now.


That alone makes me feel old, because the last time I even opened up FL studio (the demo) feels like it was recent enough to see the change, but it was probably more like 5 years ago