The Off-Topic Thread


I missed that post. Damn, that’s rough. Hope no important stuff got (too) damaged. Is it due to Hurricane Hillary?


it’s a long story but a washer broke and flooded EVERYONE. i got drunk and ripped the gutter off the complex side building. and alot of embarrassing stuff happened. and i go to work tomorrow. but i’m making music so it’s not so bad. i’m reaching out to THE VECTOR WARRIOR this weekend. nobody knows him. but spoiler alert he is chief engineer at mass effect. and he’s the real deal. so keep an ear out for him maybe - he might drop in :wink:


i am posting a poll. if you want me to keep my regular name tell me. otherwise if you think i should change my username to Ampenvire, say it. i will wait 1 month and if there’s a draw i keep my dj0xy name. otherwise you decide.


WOW I solidly forgot how much content i needed to delete because it was irrelevant to my existence. thank you soundcloud. i guess?



music industry professionalism is out the fucking window. slap cunt tracks and dirty beet filth all day. let’s bring back the 2001 pirate bay audio. plain and fucking simple. show me your half bit gutter house audio tracks.


ASL … testing


who the f7 actually remembers dj fritzy?


pond rejekt


jesus christ expect nuclear environments from here out until 8/29


this hoe i’m trying to fuck


am i seriously the only person \on IDMf who remembers dj fritzy?


crap i ran out


if you ever pissed in a bottle to stay alive. you fucking know. “i am telling you right now”- “that motherfucker right there is not real”


Hey, live up to your potential. You can do it. I believe in you.


You know… no matter how bad you dislike your artist name, just remember that Hoobastank exists

(on a similar note, if you ever think your music itself sucks, Hoobastank still exists)


I need a new hobby…im bored and feel like a political oped…fuck it im going outside.

The other alternative is that i go back to vid games or watching anime…


Politics = spam.


you know what? fuck the haters. yeah


i’m about to piss a CRATE of anger.


don’t stay stuck. …