The Off-Topic Thread


Going out escapades a dude and a woman were drunk…

She was ramming her ass on his crotch… it took back that thing up and twerking to another level

It was straight up dry humping…

Good times.


Farting wombat for pres in 2024.


i thought i fucking lost my iphone. jesus fucking christ. that was a fucking scare. i put it in the cuppord. jesus fucking christ. jesus fuck


and it’s ;nnot f


back off




Hope that everyone has enjoyed a good poop.


I can no longer read those essays on how other people should be because they are being used as some sort of ultimatum for dictating culture…

And people bicker over which cultural ultimatum they align with and butt heads over it.

Whether it be about privilege, or toxic circle jerks, or people complaining woe is me about the systemic matrix.


I gave myself a rule.

To only talk about politics under the condition that i get paid to talk about it.





Michael b. Jordans character killmonger…

Black panther movie even though its a commercial movie had some good social political allegory.

M’Baku is my favorite though.


Like a canned tuna…fishing for potatoes…


I would respect trump or biden…if they were featured on multiple episodes of dirty jobs…but such is not the case.

I think mike rowe from dirty jobs would make a better president than biden and trump combined.


Gender relationship philosophy…

It seems like nothing is correct…people want and expect different things…

Some want a provider, some want co equal independence, some want teamwork, some want fun, some want a boss, some want attractive, some want virtue, some want personality and mental stimulation, some dont know, and some want it all. And even if you do check all the boxes…some just want who they want…and being able to check all the boxes doesnt do anything…

I think that people should work on exhibiting the traits themselves that they desire from another…otherwise they will never find happiness.

As far as all the philosophy on how to be…bit ridiculous bending yourself over backwards to try and fit some arbitrary made up mold.

And dont try to enforce some arbitrary made up mold onto another…it doesnt work.

But also dont go complete goblin/gremlin meaning dont be your worst self.

Best advice…
Be your best self.
Kharma dharma

Life is like the nba…you can either be a regular player or you can be a michael jordan, lebron james, kawhi leonard, jason kidd, step curry…etc…


stay around here. please.




my fucking apartment got flooded. it just never ends. my lord


One of my cats got her 3rd enema this year.

$1,500 so far.

It could be funny but it’s really not.


sorry to hear about that @dj0xygen . I wish I had any sort of advice, but really I’ve never been through anything like that, so just good luck and hang in there.

@morphic I took my cat to the vet for the first time a few weeks ago. Things are going better than I’d hoped but he’s got a persistent cold that antibiotics just aren’t seeming to cut it for. He seems happy so I’m tempted to just let it run it’s course once we catch him up on his shots.


@White_Noise - It might be allergies. Is you vet looking into that?