The Off-Topic Thread


Blue sky and cheese


I feel better after resetting my social media feeds.

Its mostly sports a few memesā€¦and workout stuffā€¦and science and stoic quotes

No politics no social issue hashtagsā€¦

Also i need other things to talk aboutā€¦lol


Aliens are back in the news, fuck yeah :alien:


Deadpool 3 is just gonna copypasta internet shitposts with matrix shakespearean allegoryā€¦


When was the last time i made some musicā€¦
Edit 20 days and countingā€¦


How to make instant oatmealā€¦



Psychology combined with philosophy and politics reads like really bad poetry sometimes.


This is how I feel about anyone writing about things that humans didnā€™t directly create; most nonfiction is speculative fiction at best, because itā€™s just a bunch of theories and nonsense most of the time thatā€™s waiting to be disproved in a few years.

Although fiction also makes my brain hurt, so Iā€™m kind of in my own little corner. Wouldnā€™t recommend


I should stop posting hereā€¦

I havent made any musicā€¦as of late

Reading old postsā€¦all i did was shitpost and post bullshit about politicsā€¦

I tried helping to contribute to the knowledge baseā€¦but i didnt help muchā€¦

Im too much of negative presence on this forum.

Side note:
I ended certain imaginationshipsā€¦so no more complaining from me.


I watched clips of this netflix show called human resourcesā€¦and some other netflix shows like f is for family, and paradise pdā€¦

More filth than my shitpostsā€¦wow.




I should spare everyone the hemorrhoid, i should of taken a gender studies course in college lol.


Yo sup bro chillinā€¦

There should be a certain age limit for using certain wordsā€¦

Because adultingā€¦

After a certain age hits using certain slang words makes a person sound like a jerkoff, gotta change vocabulary.


Lol memeā€¦andrew tate dancing share


first break iā€™ve had in months. finally sitting down to record some music with actual time on my hands. this new job is alot but iā€™m getting alot of money AND i get to work with some of the coolest ppl ever. but still my passion has suffered severely since april. new job = responsibility & integrity

idmf = cool & weird

fans = non existent still


Happy for you oxyā€¦ :100:


to those who have fallen, i salute, i raise my glass, and i blast IDMf material. long live those we have lost. long live the music.


i forgot my roots.


i hope you guys enjoy your weekend. what left of it is. my ep is a love song. ā€œswearā€ ;). love yall- going to make music again. and listen repeatedly to my ep <3


IDMf has their shit together