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that one song from meredith brooks in the 90s


Taylot swift…meh.


Tossing out old ideas…because personal evolution…

Im allowed to change my mind.


For beginner guitar players - guide about holding a guitar pick.


Hah, that’s one of the fundamentals a lot of people (including myself) haven’t really thought about. Or maybe they have and I missed that bus a long time ago.

I’m pretty sure I’m still doing it wrong, but I also don’t even know how to touch-type so I’m just retarded all around. Resources like this are actually pretty beneficial to re-visit sometimes :+1:


Fingerstyle is easier. Once you get coordination and digit independence you can do more.


Andrew tate uploaded his own recording of a recent bbc interview…

Im tired of having these conversations…

He makes some points…like how can a society allow things like onlyfans…priorities are screwed up…like the old adage…people want to have their cake and eat it too…but all the cake is making people fat and diabetic.

But so does the interviewer…tate thinks hes doing gods work…but this is self proclaimed and self proclaimers historically have been proven to be shady.

However overall they both miss.

I dont have all the answers myself…

Im still not gonna following this guy tate. He teaches basic principles that everyone knows…its nothing new. Also why would i follow some guy who apparently has influence on the internet…isnt the whole point of being a man is to live your own life…

The journalist did a real bad job in the interview.


I didn’t know who this clown was so I googled “who is Andrew Tate”. Just looking at a brief description was enough.

It horripilates me to the highest extent when people are judgmental about other people who decide on their own volition to make money doing porn. This great thinker of our times was a professional kickboxer? So being repeatedly kicked in the face for money is better than having sex on camera, because it’s called “sport”?

People who make content on onlyfans or do porn elsewhere are not a problem. Hypocrites who judge them are.


Tate is a clown…also anyone could be a social media influencer…and spout shit smartphone philosophy about nonsense and culture.

Also i disagree with you on somethings but agree with you on other things…but i wont argue with you out of respect…and also because its a music forum. In regards to the topic of onlyfans.

But yeah a guy whose career is to get kicked in the face…and probably is gonna age out of the sport probably spouts this shit because he knows he needs a new hustle.

All he does is take some common sense thoughts and recycles them…while he does whatever the fuck he does. The only reason why hes influential is because people are bored and lost…and have nothing better to do.


Snowfall the tv show…

Was a bit slow…but that had the greatest ending i have ever seen…

I will have to rewatch this show…


If he’s coming from a point of ‘endless hedonism is making everybody depressed’ I could probably agree, but if he’s attempting to shame people out of things he doesn’t approve of, it can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

I’m pretty happy not knowing who he even is though. Some of those alpha male influencer guys seem like they’re genuinely trying to help other men, but others seem like they’re trying to shame them


The point of the endless hedonism is making everybody depressed i agree with as well…

Also people in such industries go through a lot of dark stuff…also some crime elements have a hand in this stuff…

That being said…if someone i knew was involved with this stuff id try to help them get out of it…or find a different gig solely because of personal health and safety reasons…

Im not interested in shaming people…

But the endless unchecked hedonism is not good for anyone.


Nobody forces anybody to look at OnlyFans or PornHub, as far as I know? There’s no “endless hedonism making everybody depressed” unless you look for it and keep returning to it.

I’m not going to get dragged into a discussion here either but dude… Of course there will always be a small criminal element that brings rot. Criminals impact everything, not just porn-related stuff. The same way Meta cannot stop all the crime, racism, incitation to violence, misinformation that is rampant on their platforms, there will be people abusing other people on porn platforms.

There are plenty of people (male, female & anything in between) who do porn, are well balanced and are intelligent enough to do it in a healthy way. Thinking women who do porn “need saving” is such a tired cliché. Instead of listening to dumb-ass “influencers” who have the IQ of an oyster, listen to intelligent professionals such as Dan Savage, Holly Randall, Stoya, etc. etc. You will learn a lot.


You are right there is a healthy way…

Also…thanks for the info…

Will do the research being as i have had come across some different information.


Mcrib zeitgeist…

Because random


I forgot to mention Angela White. Here is a great interview:


Milk steak
Peoples knees


If you ever meet one guy who doesn’t know what those two things are… tell him I said ‘lol, wut’


I really want stress the importance of hotpockets.

Because im insulted that you didnt address my point about hotpockets…

I spent a good 3hours making that argument…bro come on…

Nah totally jk…lol


Knowing what this is doesn’t mean you have to use it, obsess about it, make yourself miserable and blame it for your own shortcomings…

Random example: religion (in general, not a particular one). Pretty sure everybody knows about it, yet millions choose to ignore it and live very happy lives without it.

PS: I’m not responding on this topic anymore now, because I think my point is clear and I don’t want to go in circles.