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I think viagra is the most popular…


White pill = extreme red pill
Black pill = both men and women dont treat each other right. Influenced a little by islam
Purple pill = debate
Red pill = anti blue pill + Rationalized misogyny
Blue pill = anti red pill + old adages

I think these exist but im not sure
Green pill = go with the flow
Brown pill = everything is shit, figure it out for yourself

Also ive invented the placebo pill…
Because people are basically doing a ridiculous asspull with this stuff…

and are overthinking stuff by forcing the world to fit into a box instead of focusing on learning from their efforts through trial and error.

Lol so the placebo pill is an amalgamation of a variety of issues and information (including feminism and other stuff)…and its using that amalgamation of information to figure out your own stuff…and to figure out how you can be your best self.

Again i invented the placebo pill, because most of the pills are bad philosophy that are focused on being apart of a cult like tribe.

So yeah placebo pill exists because of the ridiculousness of all these philosophy pills that exist in regards to dating, gender issues, culture, identity, and sex…lol



Iron pill meme comics

Complete satire…but i wouldnt be surprised if people actually believe in this stuff…

Idk in real life people would look at you like a wierdo if you talk about iron pill meme as serious philosophy instead of a vitamin.

Internet ≠ real life/having a life.


upon further investigation…some think that iron pill meme is a form of propaganda used to indoctrinate people…personally i think its a heavily sarcastic satirical shitpost…

Gotta take the internet with a grain of salt.


Im taking a break…

Because i dont want to internet anymore…

Later peeps.


Wow…i only lasted 9 hrs…

Oh well just gotta keep trying.


If i ran for president…

My campaign slogan would be…

“Dont vote for me, Id rather be in an episode of dirty jobs”


I think that just means you’re not a true reptilian overlord :lizard:


Also, in related potato news: air frying is where it’s at. I’ve had this thing running all day and I can’t believe how quickly everything gets done in here :potato:. These wedges are like healthy chips, if there were such a thing.


Sorry I couldn’t help myself.


i mistook fleas for fruit flies. i need the flood waters toppling onto a baby in a carriage emoji


Im tired of conversations about how each gender is supposed to behave…and their respective roles in a relationship…

My philosophy there are a few types of people…

Those that need to get fucked.
Those that fuck too much.
And those that live in fantasy land.

Meaning some people dont know what love is…

Some need to learn how to love another the right way…

And some need to work on themselves in order to be worthy of anothers love.

Whenever i read female or male privilege over emotional domineerring half logical emotive rationalize gender butt deviency criticism systemic asspull gender patriarchal or matriarchal ad hominems and half cocked theories and thinking about badly rationalized /examined ethical values and standards and others trying to monolithically shoehorn peoples individual right to be themselves…

Im just like bro/broette…4 real?

Stop selling yourself /trying to control the world.


Patriarchy = pimping.
Matriarchy = there are no known historical examples of a historical matriarchal society…according to my googling…very wierd…


Maybe this gender-shifting stuff will have a positive side; once humans are allowed to be humans again there will be less to argue about and less boxes to put people into.

Although, somehow they’ll just find more ways to fight with each other instead, as the humans do


Depends on the definition. The topic is controversial, but beside potential prehistorical examples (for example the controversial but interesting work by Marija Gimbutas or more recently some comments in Graeber/Wengrow, 2021), see for instance:


Also im tired of the culture wars…and all the historical ethnic conspiracy theories flying around.

Complete wtf…

History is an amalgamation of perspectives.

Both sides of these historical conspiracy theories indoctrinate people into getting involved in some kind of nonsensical made up culture war that leads to an unwarranted political extremism.

Im like …

  1. bro fix the hate and anger in your heart.

  2. Handle your own shit instead of blaming society.


Im thinking like has there ever been a female genghis khan type?..

I am aware of people like hypatia.

Its just very wierd…


Depends on what you would consider to be an equal to that guy :wink: There certainly were queens in nearly all kinds of eras, including historical, prehistorical and mythical contexts as well as peaceful and aggressive reigns.

But modern studies into matriarchal societies would mostly not call most of these reigns matriarchies, but instead propose that matriarchies were very different from patriarchies and more egalitarian and peaceful, focused on social aspects such as nurture and care. But this obviously is a very broad and superficial characterization, there has been quite a bit of thought and research into these questions and there are many differing opinions on the topic. But I would say that one famous hypothesis is that early “real” matriarchies were not focused on war or conquest but instead on egalitarian societies, but those were mostly prehistorical and have been conquered by later patriarchical societies (see for instance Gimbutas and her Kurgan hypothesis). In this view, later instances of female warrior queens instead were mostly based on patriarchical cultures. But again, all of this is highly contested especially since prehistorical evidence can always be questioned and reinterpreted.

Some mixed links:


Medieval and dark age vikings may have had some gender equality.


Might be, but no idea - I don’t know much about Viking culture. And there are many different dimensions on how to measure it. As is often the case with regard to social phenomena, measurement or more generally the dimensions thought of as relevant can have a decisive impact on results. Even in terms of contemporary cultures and ideas with regard to measurement, some countries often thought of as having strict gender roles rank higher in terms of general total equality (measured by indicators such as proportion of women with educational degrees, women in high political or business positions, gender differences in health measures and so on) than many Western countries (Rwanda, Philippines or South Africa versus USA, Netherlands or Australia for instance).


As far as the metrics of equality…like education, adult societal roles, healthcare, legal situational precedents and rights, in addition to general social treatment and behavior…

It does vary from culture to culture…

However some countries though are more culturally unified in their ethics…

And some of these countries have less people with no sense of real life of whom have their head up their ass…so to speak.

By having a sense of real life i mean having experienced any adversity, and prioritizing being responsible.

Also some of these countries dont have access hollywood type shows where they talk about and give a nonsensical political analysis of things like the latest episode of friends.

Im all for equality…but its like nowadays certain people have to be reminded that…

equality is not only for themselves, equality is for everyone.

It seems like that some forget that equality was invented to check peoples natural tendency towards an aristocratic hierarchy as opposed to being a method to justify the existence of such.

That being said men are expendable…women arent.
And lastly everyone of whom conducts themself with honor, deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.