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Most often, my headphones break. I’m already tired of buying them, but what can I do? Now a pair of headphones is enough for 3 months somewhere.
I will say right away that I use the simplest headphones, but they are normal.


I don’t want to press my luck, but the most I’ve ever spent on a pair of headphones is $99 (I do pretty much all of my work in headphones, shhhh!) and mine tend to last me 10+ years.

Since I just put that out there, I’m sure something will break because that’s the way it usually goes. I’ve had to replace the ear cushions in my 7506’s and the sound kind of suffered as a result of getting knockoffs, but other than that it’s a pretty good investment. Monitors usually last me about 10 years as well


Start your own business…theres business loans and grants out there…just make sure you have a solid business plan that will factor in return on investment.


I work in finance and I can unfortunately say while business loans are out there, they are not out there in the way you’re thinking. With the 2nd and 3rd largest bank failures in US history occurring this year, loans are quickly drying up. Even in good times, no bank is going to give anyone a loan until they can show that their business is already cash flow positive. So loans are more of a growth tool than a starting capital tool, unless you know someone (in which case you probably already have the startup capital).

Grants may be an option, IDK.


Aint no holla back girl.


The answer was figured out long ago and you knew all along…

The ideas that existed in the first place in order to make a better world for the next generation…which was supposed to be us

But we failed to uphold these ideas and these certain ideas failed to prevent the worst of our human nature.

Maga aint the answer
Nor is anti-magaism the answer…

Respect, honor, dignity are the answers.

Shame we forgot…oh well.


Honestly at this point I don’t really blame anyone for being radicalized in either direction since it’s kind of like a brainwashing virus at this point, but all we can really do is learn how to treat each other with respect regardless of our perceived differences. That alone can wake them up, imho

I don’t really know about the younger generations, but I’m hoping more and more people turn off that version of social media / TV and realize that most people have more in common with each other than they’re being led to believe


Also that version of social media paints the world into a sort of monolithic world view…and when you present evidence that the world isnt as monolithic the indoctrinated shit their pants and double down…

Most people dont like having their monolithic world view challenged…

Especially when most of the time the challenging argument to other peoples ignorance is often laced with ad hominem.

I mean at some point the ignorant cant always be saved but…a little respect from both parties goes a long way.

But nowadays its like some people have become tyrants in a sense that if they dont like what you say…they will go all out to politically destroy you in order to save their own ego and reputation as well as to maintain their own credibility.

Which often devolves into certain things becoming a shameless personal cockfight type feud…which is ridiculous and brings more dishonor to all the people involved than the actual insult or trangsression.

: v



Im in the mood to have opinions fart against each other.


All that political bullshit.

Anxiety, stress, and insecurity brought on by direct provocation and antagonism.

I deleted my twitter because of this.


I don’t know if you’re talking about yourself in particular, but I struggle with this. It hasn’t happened here, but it’s usually why I’m always killing off accounts and trying to stay off of the social media side of the internet for extended periods of time. Sometimes it just takes the wrong person when you’re feeling at your weakest, especially when nobody would have the balls / lack of social skills to say the same thing to your face (probably at the threat of being in a physical altercation)

Obviously it’s my problem and not theirs, but it’s interesting how much we can affect each other through various mediums


I was talking about everyone…during covid it seemed like mass anxiety…and the antagonism and provocation happened through all mediums and in real life too…for some people overcame it and mellowed out…but some others are feeling it still years later.

Also i honestly think that the real conspiracy theory was that a lot people were trying to out fuck each other with their minds. Thereby creating darwinistic competition amongst the general population.

In my opinion the mass anxiety is what lead to antagonism and provocation and became a negative feedback loop where some tried their hardest to control things in order to relieve their anxiety…

As for myself i was getting provoked in real life…so i fought back because that is how to deal with certain kinds of bullies…




Stop smoking weed and drinking…so that you dont have to worry about passing drug tests for jobs.

Find a new high…like meditating or living in the present.

You gotta face yourself in the mirror if you want to overcome your habits that inhibit you from living up to your potential and also to be able to have the resilience to deal with the hardships of real life.

So Take care dude. Seriously. Take better care of yourself.

Being that sometimes chasing ecstasy all the time isnt the healthiest thing…its best to do some soul searching so that you can better apply yourself to your work and responsibilities. And find a newer, healthier, and more realistic form of happiness.

Best of luck.:slightly_smiling_face::100:


This is an unconventional guide to cooking potatoes but I’d have to agree with you there – sometimes cooking the perfect potato starts from within


When someone post waffle porn on your fb wall


Insert an obtuse bs complex social thesis about transgressions on a persons right to rationalize their perpetual victimhood and how the world owes them entitlements to protect their feelings so that they never face any accountability nor responsibility and are allowed to revel in perpetual hypocrisy being totally absolved from criticism because any kind of criticism would be an oppressive attack that unfairly challenges them.

Cant be all about safe spaces and yet have no respect for other peoples safe spaces.

Some actually are victims and make the effort to be conscientious…if they are genuine and have good intentions i can respect that…

but if they experience trauma from someone that only has expelled breath in their general direction i cant respect that because thats not trauma.

But then there are others that are using this stuff as another kind of hustle.

To that i say the bar has been lowered.



The purple pill debate on reddit…discussion on all pills…gender issues and dating

Discussion could be better…but at least it has some common sensy discussion.

At this point ill just live with its existence…its a bit meh but its somewhat ok.



Damn, how many pills are there now? I keep hearing about new ones