The Off-Topic Thread


Like any addiction, being an alcoholic is a disease. You should seek professional help because fighting this on your own is going to be extremely hard.

Best of luck.


Idk you but maybe…

Im guessing maybe stop trying to escape reality…

Figure it out. That what everyone else does…mostly.



exactly. nobody is gonna hold your hand while you cry in a corner over your bullshit.


I sincerely wish you well. Take care of yourself.

Best of luck. :slightly_smiling_face::+1::100:


i’m gonna figure the rest out later.


Wiener schnitzel


a most appropriate food


I mixed bleach white vinegar epsom salt hydrogen peroxide baking soda and water…to get rid of some toenail fungus…

Apparently upon googling it mixing these things together is lethal…

The baking soda and water is what probably neutralized the mixture…

Lesson here is google your idea before you do something stupid.


jesus christ. i deeply hope you did not go to the hospital. seriously. my lord


k bye


If you find yourself dealing with an insane clown posse…

Channel your inner big dick energy to survive.