The Off-Topic Thread


The game doesnt like eminem

I dont like the game

I dont like eminem that much either.


In the long interview the game contradicts himself…honestly listening to that 10min diss track and the interview its like hes lying in order to sell his music.

The eminem responds to the game…

This is dumb lol


This is music…

As for the game and eminem beef that is not music…its just drama to make money


Logan paul…said the matrix is real…

Someone else said that its actually that nobody likes logan paul because he is a bad person.






Some People are trippin.

Their trippin is making other people trip balls.

I dub it the trip effect.


hi i’m new here
I can’t add topics… even in “Introduce yourself” category
what should i do?


miranda cosgrove sparks fly. lets go. also boxxy. also boxxy


damn. i’m gonna try to get to this when i can. rhianna, taylor, cardi- CARDI?!? god damn that’s a hard sell. nicki i can see she a hood queen. it’s gonna take me a while to gulp this down my dude. i need some time. i know nothing about aretha franklin


hang tight soldier ("") i will get back to you later. FUCKING STAY. DUH AND WAIT. WAIT.


Read threads, comment here & there - as you do that, you’ll have more options to interact. Also: welcome!


Fucked up like a ham sandwhich


Waiting to release my new track (waiting approving from distibution company)
and this is my old track

Also here


21 jump street with john depp


Awesome tech house beat with noisia like bass…

I hears it in my mind…will try to bring into existence…lol


The antagonism that takes form in the totally unnecessary bullshit being unjustly thrown at people for reasons that have nothing to do with them.

That is why.


Closest thing ive found to it…so far…

And it sounds like complextro lol


hard day at work. i am starting to understand the shear damage a 40 hr work week does to a person when they despise the work environment they live in. i get home and it gets dark quick. luckily i have therapy to sift me through the damage. but i gotta make a change, and quick. this cannot be a healthy way to live. i miss when i daydreamed about music. sometimes i wish i was still that person.


Complex social thesis synopsis…

Ill break it down to a kindergarden level…


I broke it down that is all…


Fucked up like porking bologne in a muffler.


getting drunk just is a waste of time for me. idk. all i know is my happiness is in jeapordy.