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Instead chasing dreams or addictions…do the work.

By work i mean set goals…and figure out a plan to achieve your goals…

And by goals i mean do something tangible that has a positive impact on others.

Try try try and dont give up.


“GOODNESS” never comes from alcohol.


damn… that is wrecked deep


Anonymous social media accounts that perpetuate certain ideologies… somewhat reinforce others abstract prejudices stemming from their own personal grudges and past negative experiences…as a result people regardless of which demographic they belong to become indirectly indoctrinated into hate.

Additionally some content psychologically conditions people by offering vapid answers for what is the unknown…and in offering both positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement of their own self esteem with abstract ad hominems and ego stroking…

After all social media is a business…and i am not surprised that social media does this sort of thing…

In lamence terms people are making money off of exploiting the lost souls that turn to social media for answers and help…

As for other content that is just someone expressing their opinion…so differentiate between someone expressing their opinion…and content that indoctrinates you and then tries to sell you stuff.


Prophecy unfortunately sort of…


Elon musk controversy…

Dont care to the max…

Also Kanye is trippin hard.


Ladies & Gentlemen! This year’s winners you’ve been waiting for!!

Top 5 assholes of 2022

  1. Elon Musk [asshole level: bubonic plague]
  2. Kanye West [asshole level: atomic diarrhea]
  3. Jeff Bezos [asshole level: cosmic crabs]
  4. Kenneth C. Griffin [asshole level: Shitadel]
  5. Trump [asshole level: Taco Bell wet fart]


Thank you for the results of the thorough investigation.


I aim to please.


After conducting a bunch of research into social issues…

Ive come to the conclusion…

That back in the day the arguments and reasons for womens suffrage and civil rights, were more substantial and meaningful than today.

Todays arguments or at least the ones i see are just veiled meaningless bickering…corporate capitalist agenda sponsorship much lol…

At the end of ye day…try to level up, if fail try again…shrug.


Idmf release be like


Sometimes the unknown…or even the obstacle is the way.


Merry christmas








In recent news…


so many false prophets.


idk wtf you did but god damn. ampenvire is on the fucking map. thank you in other news. rick & morty is my new saviour and my purge is statik from idmf011. my neighbors decided to either beat the shit out of their victim, or they are having sex. same- it doesn’t matter, point being my neighbors decided to consistently fuck with the realm in our apartment complex during a week night. so i decided to step in. statik is now the current music i play to combat volatile neighbors. any takers to make my music more aggressive? more offensive? i’m all fucking ears at this point the line has now gone well beyond pleasant so i am defcon9 these scum. anything you got to blurt obseneties through music do tell. i love the horns of statik but would like something much more offensive and degrading. i chose stunt rock which is good but have not had time to analyze it yet. so a one-punch result would be nice. i’m at my widst end with work. i have asked to sit down w my boss about a raise. hopefully he doesn’t object. because if he does… i leave


Been on a girl music kick

Like nicki minaj, and cardi b, some taylor swift, and rihanna, and others…

Gotta say some of the popular songs are not that engaging lyrically…nor musically for me…

Badly written and badly composed…

Example Nicki minaj in some songs raps about how men are wimps…and pees on them because they are wimps…

But yeah the lyrics of some songs are just bad…

Tbh Aretha franklin imo is still the queen of pop. Todays stuff just doesnt compare.


As i journey into the asshole of 2023 i see the fermenting turd that is the 2024 election year.