The Off-Topic Thread


scorpion pepper? no thank you ghost peppers sound bad enough lol


the battle “” for the vocals continues. all is quiet on the western front. which from where i stand feels comfortable.

all quiet and a good relationship has been established. throwing about the concepts of free speech and freedom of choice into the equation.

what is truly greater than art?

more to come soon


Oh. I thought ghost pepper was stronger. I will get around to looking it up.


Carolina reaper, the scorpion and the ghost are the hottest peppers in the world last tike i checked.


Don’t think I’ve had scorpion (that I can remember anyway). Carolina reaper I get in sauces a lot, ghost I get in some nice curries from a local.

One thing I suspect people lose sight of: its also the amount of the pepper in any given thing. You can have a scotch bonnet based sauce and its weak as hec because all they did was hold a scotch bonnet up to the sauce and taunt it while making :rofl:

I don’t tend to use very strong chilli peppers in cooking cos I’m usually making for others too and sociable is more important than penises on tables. If I’m making for myself, well, so long as it doesn’t melt the waldos I use to hold the test tube its fine :smiley:



Oddly enough mozzarella or loads of parmesan cheese works better than milk…when culling the effects of such extreme chemical heat…

Too much of it can cause nasuea, dysntery, an ulcers…

But a little spice doesnt hurt…as long as it doesnt completely overpower the flavor of the food.


This this this this THIS :smiley:


black metal doo wop…with accapella harmonies and shit…


Broshido…way of the bro…

Bro code.


i just dreamt it! tHE ANCIENT COLLOSEUM OF MUSIC! MADE OF COMPLETE MARBLE OR SOME WHITE STONE LIKE MATERIAL BROUGHT BY THE ALIENS TO REVERBERATE SONIC MUSICAL TONES THROUGHOUT AND IT HAS LAYERS AND IT HAS A - ITS A theatre- it’s a theatre it’s a theatre made of marble in the ground like below the earth that rumbles the earth from the tone decibles IT IS REAL I SAW IT IT IS REAL YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE ME IT IS REAL THE ANCIENTS IT’S A holy temple it is real you have to believe me i saw it in my dreams it is REAL DMT IS REAL IT IS ALL REAL the ancient aliens did it they made it in the ground below the earth a temple made of complete marble or some white material like stone in layers like a colosseum reverberating music I SAW IT GOD DAMNIT IN MY DREAM IT WAS REAL!!! it has layers and a section for the holies to sit in front but not too close and a funnel between the holies and the sound source reverberating (jesus christ i sound crazy) it is real i tell you i saw it in my dream IT IS REAL!!!


Ice spice…

Doja cat…

I listened to some of it…


Its almost as bad as screamo skrillex edm…

doja cat and ice spice…i cant…

Do not like…

I prefer rihanna…


you saw her big forehead ?


Its for thought


shrine bright like her forehead


qianta you’re back! have you been back a while?


he keeps in touch. I think he’s more on the IDMf discord. Did some work with him earlier this year and we mostly communicated that way.


Hey ! I come every now and then , but like White_Noise said , I’m more active on Discord now ! Though I’m not in the IDMf server ; going to look for a link here somewhere :slight_smile:


watching hercules. i needed this movie now that i see what it really is


Ancient Egyptians sold souvenirs to travelers. Some things never change.


dying inside. pain is unreal. cannot function. tried making music. it failed. getting drunk and ranting to myself about my obsessions. i fucking hate this shit. it is non fucking stop . i’m completely lost. SAVE ME