The Off-Topic Thread


I am so old that I remember when Presonus introduced its Studio One digital audio workstation. It was around 2010 .


Edm is just pretty sounding disco made with a computer…

Disco punk music movement…i cant

There is some bad disco music

And there is some good disco…


I fucked up
I just realized i mixed my singing tracks like rap and they need to be mixed like edm dance songs. OMG


No idea why but this genuinely made me smile and chuckle this morning.


Hulu = cthulu???



taste the biscuit. taste the goodness of the biscuit. taste the honey sauce. taste the goodness of the honey sauce with the biscuit. <3


Thong th thong thong thong


Nuckin futs…

In order to find out you gotta fuck around


I thought no more…


My idea suggestions for an idmf release in the future…

If idmf is still around in the future…

Rave music comp
Glitch comp
Hardware comp
Foley comp
Soundtrack comp…


Message him on youtube


I played the piano yesterday . I have a midi keyboard with 88 keys. Then I put it back in the hallway, because I couldn’t be in the same room with the keyboard. If I want to play again, I’ll have to put up the racks again, connect the wires and drag the keyboard into the room.


reached out to a competitor district store about a job opening. it got back to my boss and he asked me about it, thinking i applied for the position, which i did not. yeah i’m making music tonight


reached out to the person i’m working on getting vocals from. very very hard sell, as she is mid tier famous. hard sell for sure but i stayed in the ring and rode it out while making some stew chili thing. didn’t conclude anything, BUT- she didn’t hate me so that’s a plus. SHE ACTUALLY READ MY MESSAGES on the stream!!! my therapist was bored by my music and now i gotta figure out where my ego lies. i guess that’s an ego. idk. all i know is IDMf KRU on my team so imma go but wanted to stop by to show my luv for everyone. hope you all have a nice evening/day if ur in the UK. IF YOU ARE IN THE UK PLEASE SEND ME VOCALS I NEED UK VOCALS IDC HOW I GET THEM just plz send me UK vocals. i absolutely HATE alcohol. now go make some music cuz that’s why we’re all here for. <3 PLUR --0xy --4MP


How do you get someone who’s “mid-tier famous” to even pay a little attention to you? Honest question.

I’ve been considering contacting a few vocalists that are not very famous but had some spotlight at some point but have no idea how not to waste my time and theirs…


she’s a twitch streamer so it’s like tiktok live where they comment on the live chat feed. pretty cool but you got to put in the work if you want to get anywhere. it’s a community like anything else so the more you support the community the more regular you will be on that platform & the more trust you build. – the problem with that mid tier crowd is alot of times they cut off notification abilities which makes it all the more complex. not to mention sometimes they don’t even pay attention to the communication of personal messages. i’m lucky to have found a couple artists that got just big enough to have their music as a full time career with strides yet can still be reached which is lovely


i miss 2010.


Bought some tacos…

I wasnt disappointed.


Ever have a philly cheese steak from philadelphia…

I wish so to.

I could make my own…

Pepper jack cheese, steak, onions and jalapenos, with some scorpion pepper.


Yep. I recommend Sonny’s if you’re ever in Old City. Classic Philly cheesesteak and always amazing!