The Off-Topic Thread


Lil boosie wife


Automatic theme music for the promo vids of future idmf releases…:grinning:


new comp out. oldschool heads come through. newschool heads let’s hear it.


been struggling with alcohol significantly the past many months. did a rehab program. it worked. and now i’m trying to get back to that “old me”. the me that i spent over a decade drunk as. and it’s just not there anymore. it’s gone. and idk man, it’s like- really strange. yeah thought i’d share


Baco taco laco


Instead of the redpill or the black pill or the green pill…or the diarrhea pill…

Im inventing my own pill…

Im calling it the placebo pill…

In essence the placebo pill is…
A personal amalgamation of ideas that stem from a plethora topics in order to come up with your own ideas about life…

Feminism, Samurai Bushido, Civil Rights, Nietzsche, Dale Carnegie, Charles Darwin, Carl Jung…and add anything else according to your own preferences and liking

K thx bye…


Kanye got divorced because his porn addiction which ruined his marriage…

Also in several interviews he has shit on some of the people who helped propped him up…

He has shown his true character…

He did this to himself.

Hes an asshole.


NASA dart mission was successful


Is there ANYONE who still needs convincing that this guy is a massive tool that should fuck off far and away (and continue fucking off until he reaches the horizon)?


On an unrelated note.

Fuck off far away from me

Is a good topic for a metal song…

Its also a good lyric for a rap song


Fuck off far away from me
When I think of you its the opposite of squee


3rd line please.


@bfk Well come on then. 3rd line please. Daylight’s burnin’ :smiley:


Cause this chemistry
Is a blemish not even worthy of a myspace status
So Consider this a special delivery…

Ack i tried…lol i suck…

I think it would work best as a henry rollins punk song like liar…


Fuck off far and away away from me
Take your opinions born of blinding stupidity
Offer them to those happy with baseless lunacy
We see you stalk, gloat and prance
Bathe in your pointless existence
Do what you want as long as you fuck off far and away from me

[To the tune of a Ministry - Land of Rape & Honey or Psalm 69 vibe]


Those lyrics have more of a meshuggah feel. Imo…



Now if only we had someone who could do a 4 or 8 bar heavy guitar thing.

@Agentslimepunk Up for a giggle? :smiley:


I want kat dennings to do brazilian jiu jutsu to me.


Also gaming mouses may be hard to control. I always tired of gaming mouses by the end of the day. I want to say usual mouse maybe easier to control.


your way?


Bad pickup lines

Like the Smell of my water.