The Off-Topic Thread


but living as a hermit in the name of idmF: good. always good. Hermit on good sir. just touch your grass AFTER you touch the off topic thread first.


Kermit the frog.


wanted to wish all the ppl who woke up for work today a happy day off. America decides to make every day a holiday. So enjoy this fun labor day off and make some tunes!!! no srsly… make some fucking tracks my peeps. douse the internet in glistening idm beats and atmospheres. let’s here em slags! (slags, that’s what british ppl call silly fools right?) fuck on slags and enjoy your bollocks silly idmFer’s.----- na but seriously i am gonna make an effort to improve my life and looking forward to hearing more from the idmF community. hope all is well on the western front. and if not… well, if you got nothing just message me i got diplo’ads of tracks to share :slight_smile: <3 --0xy


we all feel the same. this community is of top tier. the best. and the only. no community is like this one. and for that i raise a glass to the IDM soldiers. press on good lads & have a happy day!


i use software that makes my life easy. i decided to go with a program with NO bells & whistles. so i can just do whatever i feel like and don’t need help with this program’s advice ever. look into audacity. it helps.


my love. my pain. my music. rage on in the pits to that durty durty dubby wanker shit


@morphic. here-


it’s the best i got with this platform. i hope to one day splatter comic sans across the internet one day again. until then- LISTEN TO DAD. LISTEN TO DAD. LISTEN TO DAD. and you better be listening to my new alias on tiktok.


i didn’t make my alias on tiktok yet so you gotta deal with finding me. idk- i tried. have fun searching for me?




Oh man, I’m never going to install TikTok on my phone. I have successfully never used Snap(chat) and tweeted 3 times in my life, like 10 years ago. The older you get the less time you have to waste…


Thank you :slight_smile:


Ideal beach body…

Sand repellant anus…

Science humor is the best fb group.


Star wars: the dark knight rises

A star wars film but the jedi and sith fight over whose fucking who.

It would be like days of our lives but with lightsabers.



Fugliness is not unique to gender.

There is physical fugly. Which can be dealt with, worked on with effort.

Then there is fugly personality wise…which many cant be saved from and tbh those types arent worth saving.


i forgot what i was gonna say. but it was important enought for me to post here.


see if mass font height was available and comic sans, i could say things like, (but not limited to)
"yeah i’m fucked up but i just want to share the love i have in my soul so whoever you are knows that this is just a problem that is not yours to control or own. this is THEIR problem. and you know what? DAD is a good youtube whatever you wanna call that- it’s definitely not a series but it’s god damned good. and don’t stop making art. and don’t stop wanting to draw neon pink neon master size font text about how you wanna eat crustable cheetos every dinner. we are blessed. and many of us probably don’t like to read that word. but if you are reading that word, from MY font, and MY avatar, on OUR WEBSITE. then at least i personally know you got this far. and if you got this far you can go far beyond. like to infinity… and- FUCK YOU I’M NOT GONNA SAY IT! but yeah. drugs r bad mrrrrrkay. talk soon loves



i was gonna say not this, but it reminded me of something i was gonna say. TAKE. THE FUCKING. POWER.


idk who remembers… but that platform we were on. i mean idk who invented that platform but god damn. max font? WITH COLORS?!? and MEMES!!!.. I mean god damn. the internet has gone lightyears beyond us now. such a new world to live in digitally. my god.


That feel when you see the same memes a lot.

Memes…arent a supposition for humor…