The Off-Topic Thread


Glad to see that you are alive…

Hopefully still musicing

All is good

Beers and stuff…

For random



Tonight, I cleaned up around the bedroom/ studio (did some dusting and scrubbed my skin gunk off all the keyboards). Now typing this up on my old laptop to make sure the new battery I just installed works (so far so good). Planning to go fire up the DAW on the new laptop to make music for 45 minutes or so before it gets hot in here again, then probably a movie later (Sonic the Hedgehog 2 just came out).


Nietszche in modern politics…

My guess as to why so many people are bothered.


Woke means conscientous to discrimination and injustice…

But according to the rhetoric nowadays likens it to a compassionate bully thats almost like a nazi in terms of behavior or something…which is ridiculous cause how can someone be a compassionate nazi bully…it doesnt make sense.

A better criticism would be that its way too pat yourself on the back or condescending.

But still at least people make an effort to try to be compassionate.

Better than nothing…shrug.


Almost all month (august) I don’t open my DAW because of my teeth. I’m was waiting to go to a doctor. Then he pulled one teeth of mine. Now I’m healing. I’m sure I will open my daw soon and will work on some music. :smirk::smirk::smirk::laughing::star_struck::open_mouth:


Hip hop fail because its says nothing of value.


Im gonna do whats left of this community a favor and fuck off for good.


Good luck to all of you.


See you in a few weeks dude :slight_smile:


You ok bro? If you don’t post, this place is going to crumble twice as fast! You are the community!
(you know, as far as posting and keeping threads afloat goes)


that is sort of the problem…ive become the community inadvertently…and i could set a better example or at least one that doesnt alienate others culturally speaking.

And i was using this forum for a while to tell off /defend myself from the spice girl wannabe, the married woman stalker, and their second husband lex luthor…of which i realized i could of used fb or twitter for…and spare idmf from that bullshit. But that was my mistake.

The threads arent alive if im the only posting…also this is a music forum…i have nothing more to contribue except perpetuating my views of politics and social issues…

Also ive already shared my production journey and documented the musical processes ive learned in depth…in order to help others to level up their music…

But on another note im doing ok.

besides the hardware megathread is still going so theres that.

Also i think this place can catch some new fish by advertising on reddit or at least by having a twin reddit subforum going…

And lastly im not the cultural future of idmf…im a dinosaur. So yeah.


Hey bfk, glad you are doing ok and hope you do whatever is best for you, and I can only speak for myself of course, but I like reading your comments and I don’t think you are alienating anyone. And this is Jurassic (Synth) Park in any case <3


I feel you there. It’s probably about time I do the old lockout routine again, myself. I don’t really know what I’m doing here anymore either; maybe clinging to the idea of some kind of revival that will never come.


And for the record i bear no ill will towards anybody in this community.

You are all awesome.

Goodbye. :slight_smile:


if anyone wants to fuck with idmF they go to me first.
i’m making an album and realizing what that entails. just sharing my life with you guys. work week went well. A few slight hiccups but nonetheless good overall. my music over the past 2 weeks reflects deep internal turmoil. And working as many angles of myself that i can. learning how to be selfish. rewarding myself for starting to see a new light and not to be uncertain of such bollocks. life is much harder now and i am learning how to accept my life as beautiful. this takes time. taking a much deeper look into us as a species and how our cultural elements are so damn pressed against our skin. Floating amongst sand feels strange. But no matter how .0110.HURT.01 you may be, idmF got your back<3 hope you guys are well, imma be gone for a while i think. my personal life has taken a nose dive into dangerous waters. so talk soon you n00bz. i want halo.


Come baaaaaack you big drama queen you :kissing_closed_eyes:


Hope things get better, man. This year’s been rough on me too and making music, while taking a backseat, is always a saving grace.


bro i started making music again like 6 months ago!!! i didn’t touch anything since 2018 and i’m producing again! it’s so amazing. all i can say is don’t give up on your passion. i used to sit on my couch watching tv and wonder, “is this it? am i never gonna make music again?” and then i realized i was chasing a toxic person for absolutely no reason other than wanting them to be better instead of taking care of myself first. imma stop being drunk cuz alcohol makes me feel like trash. i did a sobriety program and was like, “dude, i feel alot better sober!” cuz when you drink you make stupid ass decisions that don’t usually make any sense.


Ok so i lasted about a week with no posting on idmf…

Conclusions, i need to dial back my presence on here…because im using the internet/social media way too much…i wanna go outside and touch grass.

Going outside and touching grass is my purpose…it keeps me in touch with reality.

Living as a hermit is not healthy.

Also yeah ill still post but not so often.


Social media…advice 25 out of 100

Dale carnegie advice 100 out of 100…

Social media advice is just a twisted corporatized marketing ploy that bastardizes dale carnegies advice i wish i was kidding.