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The ones who like him or the ones who hate him? Or both? :eyes:


Im talking about both…

If you read some of my stupid rants which are like unsolicited political dick pics,

i always criticize both, or at least i try to criticize both…only when necessary because being fair.


Something i learned from reading civil rights literature…

People will try to put you down, and destroy you by instilling thoughts of self doubt and other stuff that would give you low self esteem.

People try to instill these thoughts in you because of either, their envy, insecurity, contempt or they want you to feel the pain that they experienced most of the time.

Just remember that sometimes its them and not you.

How do you distinguish this and a legitimate talking to…go by the persons behavior and actions.

Thats what i learned from reading civil rights literature.


I think that ive finished my social issues research.

My conclusion

Is that the bad experiences arent going away anytime soon…they have happened before and will happen after…its a constant fight. Being that some of these issues are as old as human civilization itself.

And also that the most effective change is how an individual conducts themselves in all kinds of situations since that is the only thing that can break the cycle.

Other than that dont get weighed down by all the bad and allow yourself to experience the good.

Believe in yourself and have faith. Also people will be people for better or worse…and come to terms with both the good and the bad…without losing hope.


I’m not religious (obviously) but I feel like these are the type of lessons people used to be taught in church


It wouldnt surprise me if they had been taught in choich…

But Since religious influence has eroded…
Being has become redefined in a new context.

And some of the religious ethical ideas depending upon interpretation, still hold up.

However we still face similar issues as our ancestors…the only difference is that we have wifi…and that we are communicating whilst thousands of miles away from each other…

I guess nowadays people are looking for something to fill the void previously occupied by religion…of which some replace it with politics…for others its the vices, and others its all about survival like making money or running businesses…or pursuing their own goals…

Do you…








Lol at washington post twitter fight…


Saying hello, as I haven’t checked in for a while. Lots happening in real life, good and bad. One of these things being my main old PC (not the music laptop, thankfully!) dying on me, with no luck so far salvaging anything from the corrupted C drive.

I hope everybody’s doing well :slight_smile:



Jordan peterson

I cant believe such a smart guy would allow himself to get mad and say stupid things.

I expected more…oh well

Just goes to show…

No role modelz as j cole says.

Also if adults need role models than…try harder at adulting.


I don’t know, this seems in line with his shtick for sure. It’s not necessarily stupid IMO, it’s just him having to speak his truth down to the last technicality (not sure how this guy isn’t autistic tbh) and as usual, it’s going to grind up against the hive mind as time goes on.

So sure, he’s probably not wrong about any of this. But on the downside, he’s a bit of a dick :exploding_head:


Generalized ad hominem dog whistling…in the fb op ed rants that are now televised as political news

I guess its why people get so triggered over nonsense…

Also Piers morgan needs to get laid.

I wanna know what love is…
I want you to show me…


Powertooling Neighbours vs DnB…

Powertooling Neighbours nil, DnB 1.

Last I checked in the UK powertooling mofos on a Sunday is illegal unless its an emergency but I haven’t checked if that has changed.


Why am i 3rd in regards to likes recieved on idmf…wtf

I should be 25th or 100…

Yo, idmf please rep the shit out of rfj or roo so that they surpass me…

Why cause it may possibly fix the timeline making this reality the best reality.


Drill n bass?


I wish i could put a stop to americans becoming an insane clown posse under trump.

But round 2 of the insane clown posse fight is bound to happen so…whatever…bye.


Kevin samuels…

Nope because childish bickering on both sides from grown adults.

Neurosis much?.

I mean come on what do you expect your so to be a waitress for you…come on grow up…

How about…
Teamwork and friendship. Yeah…you do what your so does…meaning reciprocate the effort.

Tbh shallowness, assholes, and users are present in both genders.

Just gotta have people smarts.


Apple pie cheesecake


Been a while, what’s up lately dudes?