The Off-Topic Thread


wow… i didn’t actually do any damage this time with rant drunk things. incredible!


Unlikely but I don’t speak for everyone so can’t say with anything resembling authority. Of the people I’ve interacted with we only hope you’re ok.

Might be worth taking a breath though.


I agree with roo.


Alright it was me. I gave you the computer herpes with my mind :robot:


that your words go without being listened to.



politics can get pegged by moose dick…

musicing…is where its at

apologies for being a political keyboard warrior on the forum…

im gonna music as a substitute for political rants…cause getting caught up in politics is pointless.


It will never be enough and that is why its pointless.


Over a month ago I quit smoking weed. It had become so out of control I was spending £300 a month on it, and it was completely disabling my short term memory, and inhibiting my ability to acquire knowledge, and causing heightened anxiety.

I’ve made no music at all for two months now, but I’m yearning for it again. Ordered a new computer too, which will be arriving soon.

I have also been absent from here for most of the past three months, too. Hadn’t posted since then either.

Feeling a lot better in myself since giving up the weed, and work is going well with the new job. I’ll drop in more regularly again. I’ve missed the chit chat here.

See you around. :slight_smile:


Glad to hear that & well done!


I love hearing stories like this! Glad to hear you’re doing well :heart:


Gonna try to take a break from internet and social media…for a while starting nw

See yall… in about a week.


hey - in ableton, or if you can generalize, do you rather send audio to a channel for a dry/wet FX split or use the ‘return’ channels ? Why mix multiple channels into the same FX bus ?


Don’t use ableton, and I don’t know how their mixer is structured so I can’t help you with sends/returns vs. busses.

I commonly will want the same reverb on my drum kit or the same delay on an arp and a lead. Sending multiple instruments to one effect is great in that case because it saves a ton of CPU. Just think of the overhead of running 4 instances of a reverb when you could run one and get the same sound. My machine is pretty fast, and it can still save over 20% of my CPU to combine FX like that, which is enough processing power left over to get a whole new instrument most of the time.


I was always under the impression that this was the main reason, too. In Ableton, sending them to an empty FX bus would be kind of weird (rather than using returns) but it’s obviously flexible enough to accommodate both.

You can do strange routing galore with Live but you’re only going to confuse yourself in the end


What I learned today. Through experience. It doesn’t matter how you rape the audio, what matters is the end result.


WTF I dunno why people complaining about saving CPU because today’s PC’s have 16GB RAM

I also need to learn English


Sound design is really messy. Sometimes plugins just aren’t super optimized, or things don’t play well together for unknown reasons. Sometimes shaving a little off the top can be the difference between a project that crashes and never opens back up the same way or actually saving your audio file as intended.

But again, routing is all about that flexibility anyway so there’s a reason to have all the options available


Gonna try to take a break from internet…see ya in about a week.


Billion dollar idea.

Flying burritos.

Basically a drone pilot flies and delivers a burrito to you using a drone.


Im bored been watching news and they are still talking about trump…

I was going to make an analytical post on politics but its repetitive toxic bullshit.

Why even bother lame.

My social/Media blackout has been unsuccessful…

My Political abstinence/blackout…

Has yielded Positive results.