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Hahaha! He looks like a video game character or something.

Haha, little bit of adjustment and he’s now some half hulk/half human thing.

(I should add I just found these on Google!)

Doesn’t stop there haha


Thesis on dissecting gang stalking

Gang stalking if real…
Then the gang stalkers are stupid and have no life.

If not real
Great your are not an important celebrity congrats.

Get a life.

How to get a life:

  1. Hygiene
  2. Money
  3. ???
  4. Results.


He has a Dbz physique but the real life version.




Gang stalking…non shitpost anal analysis

It is a failure to successfully integrate into adult society by having a bad reputation.

But also reputation is mostly an artificial construct.
Half the time having a bad reputation comes from haters, the other half the time the bad reputation comes from you.

Haters like to whip up mobs and convince otherwise reasonable people to destroy you.

Solution stand up to haters…

Treat them like a bully at school.

To fix your own bad reputation…because of something you did…

Take responsibility for your actions.


What exactly do you mean by gang stalking? I’m not overly clear on what this means in this context.

There are various conflicting definitions.

But not sure how most examples would link into reputation.

Is this like a group of redditers harassing someone online because of their reputation?


Seems more like people believing they’re being harassed by anyone driving a red car, anyone with bicycles on the back of their car or something totally arbitrary.


Just unsure of how reputation links into this, (at least where I am in the UK) red cars don’t have a reputation for stalking or harassment, nor travelling cyclists.

I’m sure bfk is thinking of something that links them! I’m just failing to see it maybe haha


Ive seen some vids where people believe lizard people are gang stalking them.


But if a person acts like a nutjob they become known as a nutjob, and people treat them like a nutjob because they acted like a nutjob and thereby having gotten a reputation as a nut job.

But from what ive seen its mostly people losing their shit because of gossip girl high school type shit.

People have harassed some people because they talked shit about them…or have harassed people by talking shit because of they are jealous or because of some assinine unimportant bullshit.

Its mostly high school shit…the red car stuff and looking for omens is a failure to make sense of the high school bullshit.



I love that mini doc, and not in a mean way. It’s really interesting that semi-normal people can fall victim to these delusions


The comments section of that vid are just as interesting


I read somewhere that back in the day in america back in pre 1960s that the biblical legends of the descendants of cain and the curse of ham were used to make sense of racial tensions. How fucked up is it that such a sentiment has not gone away and has in fact evolved into something else.

Im not one to speak because racial tension is a problem beyond my mental faculties of understanding. And its beyond my abilities to resolve such problems.

But from what i see its all sorts of fubar…fucked up beyond all reason.