The Off-Topic Thread


I was going to make a thread about subliminal messages but…a shitpost in the off topic thread will suffice…

Its like mind control vs brain control…

Step 1:
Psyche a person out…

Step 2:
Gaslight them

Step 3:

Step 4:
Repeat. 1,2,3 in any order.

How it works.


So i thought rules for radicals by saul alinksy was a how to political spin…
Its not its a how to start a political party and lead it to power…

Im not interested in starting a political party.

But the tactics chapter was sorta interesting.


I like to think of them as NPCs, that makes me sleep better at night


I just started a new job working in a factory. I work next to an often scalding-hot molding machine. As a result of my newbness to the job and occasional clumsiness, I am acquiring a series of burns on my body.

I figure by this time next week I will have completed my transformation into Darkman, and can look forward to a less repetitive career of (of course) fighting crime.

Hopefully it isn’t as bad on my back.


Is the thumb also a burn or unrelated injury?

Also, set my head on fire once. Do not recommend. That will be the worst part for sure.


yeah, it’s funny you should mention that, today I singed the top of my head, If I’d not been endowed with this “gift” of male pattern baldness, I’d have been looking like Michael Jackson.

Also the thumb is a burn too


I am nothing more than a disposable interchangeable sentient walking talking penis.

: .(



Scribbles down new lyrics

Thanks :smiley:


Dm me that song lol


You know what i’m think you hear about sample rate and bit depth. So I think it’s bullshit. You don’t need higher sample rate and bit depth because at the end your listen to 44100Hz 16 Bit Stereo No matter what. That is what i think.

Why you need 96khz or 24bit sample rate? I Don’t know. I think i’m right. What do you think?


IMO, 44.1 is enough for sample rate. However, I want to mix and master as much bit depth as I can. So I keep everything 32-bit until I render my master, and even that I still do 24-bit as a lot of DACs these days actually can resolve greater than 16-bit results (I think a lot go to 17 or 18, best in the world can actually resolve 21-22 bits). So for playback, 24 bits is more than enough, but for mixing and mastering I like 32 (or greater).


Thanks. Maybe i should change my view.


Every time I see a YT synth video like this:

I like to imagine that the person playing broke into another person’s house, thus the gloves. Only not to steal anything, but simply to play some sweet sweet synth music.


Squid game is real.

Squid game the show i have no problem with

But real life squid game…different story.

If squid game is adulting nowadays then adulting needs to be reevaluated.


Joe rogan says male feminists are weasels

Joe rogan thinks they should just be egalitarians

I think…nvm too concerned with other things to give a flying fuck.

Do i agree with rogan…not entirely but he has a right to his opinion. Statistically there will be weasels in any demographic. If male feminists believe woman are equals ok. I believe women are equal. Am i male feminist…no because im anti extremist.

I only listen to the sciency episodes of rogan the other episodes im like indifferent.

Im not hating but…im tired. Hence my attitude


Don’t disagree with any of this but I’d have to look up who Rogan is.

There’s an element of taking on labels to forward an extreme agenda which usually is not the intent of the people who started out a thing. Then the label becomes associated with the minority of nutters and the more balanced people then get tainted with same. This applies in many arenas and I see the same thing in lots of places.

There are some things of course that are just by nutters for nutters.


IMHO anything related to labels is always depending on definitions and the longer the history of a construct or idea, the more definitions between people will differ substantially: Nowadays I mostly try not to waste time with labels at least if there is no clear definition you can agree on, depending on context…

@Roo: you are faster than me but also focus on the label thing hehe :beers:


When i see any label that says %200 on nutritional info…or conversely everything 0%…i think yeah its bullshit because of i can do math…

I apply the same thing with other labels in general life too.


It’s a strange journey. Went from hosting Fear Factor to commentating for UFC fights to stand up comedian to podcaster to now biggest podcaster in the world. And he loves weed.


This is Ernest khalimov he is a real person.