The Off-Topic Thread


I remember a few comedians stand up routine…

Their stand up routine is being regurgitated as legit dating advice.

That means that people saw a comedians stand up routine…took it as truth and are now repeating as dating advice…

Lol wtf…observational humor is believed to be gospel.

Come on really.



The media outlets fox news and msnbc and the like do read their comments section on social media platforms.

Like yt…and other stuff.

Watching them indirectly address those comments by coming up with reactive rhetoric is just ridiculous.

So i decided to go outside and touch some grass.


It’s almost like woefully ignorant elderly people aren’t actually so woefully ignorant and they’re just testing your meddle/resolve by saying utterly stupid, irrelevant shit just to see how you’ll react.


Breaking balls…also when you get to a certain age your bullshit tolerance level and the need to please people go out the window.

My problem with woke…is that its a dumb label that person assigns themselves to pat themselves on the back or shame someone else.

Its not so much what they believe in its moreso the amount of ego that a person has to have to use it in whatever fashion.

Im like what happened to humility.

False characterizations aside. Some of the woke and even the anti woke people in all probability dont know what the fuck they are actually talking about. I said some not all.

Other than that i do not care about this fucking nonsense.


2024 election the 3rd coming of the mind dicking. Mentally prepare yourselves with the pseudo intellectual circle jerk of hashing a shit sandwhich.

2022 is just gonna be foreplay.

Either way im gonna be hiding in my bunker off the grid.

Good luck peeps hope you all stay sane.



Billy corgan is a tone deaf singer.
Also he has a weaselly voice.

He is worse than me. Just my opinion.


Nice song btw


As a song writer and composer he is ok.


I think he’s more than just ok but I accept its subjective. I like her voice in that cover but the rest of it is kinda crap to me. Like busking with a decent voice.


Joe rogan is pissing people off…

I went outside and touched some grass

Alexandra ocasio cortez is pissing people off…

I went outside and touched some grass…


The real Definition because false propaganda rhetoric.



Free willy.


I feel like ive wasted my time trying to find the existential meaning behind a public relations war between a bunch of jackasses.


Parents huh :rofl:


No, i mean politics on social media and the media.


Hope you’re doing well brother. Check in with me soon, I wanna hear how you’re doin


he has also sold millions of records


Yup…not hating…he is a good musician.