The Off-Topic Thread


Ah, I read this place more like a frantic squirrel for 45 seconds whenever I remember to check it about 6 times an hour. TBH I don’t know why I log out at this point.

I’m fine.



I Stopped discussing politics…
Trade off I talk less but I’m no longer using social media as a platform for press releases or statements just as a politician would.


Fux news has been propagating and saying that people are Anti white male.

As a white male I am ashamed to be associated with this crap.

Lol because trump is an idol for most white guys

Does everyone have biases yes.

But seriously Fuck this anti white male systemic conspiracy bullshit. It is complete garbage made up by subpar man babies who can’t compete in the real world.

Me personally my idol is spiderman.

I watched the news today sorry ignore this post.
Im just bored at 7am in the morning and have nothing to talk about.


Being associated with something is a choice. But none of the media shite really matters anymore, the world has gone off the cliff and we are indeed in biblical times. The real conspiracy is the Cooties holding down the planet while we ‘lose rights’ (check out common law) at a breakneck tempo. I’m not even remotely christian, just like their metaphors. Removing a rock for being racist, calling math racist, coming up with the term ‘birth giving people’ and ‘vagina bearing people’ - this one coming from ‘The Lancet’ of all places, there is an almost literally ENDLESS list of insanity like this available. The last 1.5 years have been nothing but mass confusion and people losing their fucking shit. Throw out your TV, stop watching the biggest Cooties spreaders around. garden and make some music, reclaim your mind.


Been doing a deprogramming thing by reading up on social issues from actual books that aren’t by pundits and talk show guests.

It’s been helping the only thing I have to do now is not get defensive over political rhetoric nor attack bs propaganda.

So…already cut back on tv.


Was going to make a social issues thread…but fauxtivism and also that would bleed into politics and this is a music forum.


Hi Oxy :smiley:


hi roo!


Simping is apparently a thing…shaming people for being nice and courteous…this is like the smart kid doing drugs trying to be cool in front of fair weather friends by fucking up his future.


Being nice…well some people will like you and some wont but be nice anyways even though you wont get anything in return.

Because Anyone who is too fucked in the head to accept genuinely nice people isnt worth the time nor energy.


Hey oxy…

I dont know you but…best of luck.
Youll find your way keep your head up.

Other than that i cant really say much because i dont have the magic words to help you with what your going through.

So um…best wishes. :slight_smile:


Futurama wtf…i googled bonfire of the vanities…idk easter eggs methinks


i want to apologize upfront to the entire community in regards to any past and future posts i make that may conflict the integrity of myself as an artist on the netlabel as well as a contributing member of this community. i am experiencing a very serious personal issue that is causing me intense psychological conflict and deep emotional uncertainty. anything i have posted as well as anything i may post should not be taken as anything other than a strange emotional outcry for my current life situation. again i apologize for any concern i may have caused and any future odd things that may be said from me. once i get stable and feel better i want to engage much more if i can, but for now i would like everyone to know i support all of you individually as well as this community as a whole, and also our netlabel in it’s absolute entirety. i appreciate your support but i feel that right now what i am experiencing is me “going through the motions”- something i would responsibly and coherently not inflict willing upon our community. but i am wreckless when i drink and i am working on it. hope everyone is well and hope i have not caused significant damage for my recent actions as of late 2021. i think i have not but still, i am concerned. yeah that’s it. love yall. always. :slight_smile:



Ive run out of thoughts