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Nice video content and you can learn something from these videos


Summary of politics

Image manipulation + diarrhea = game.


I just tried to watch Starship Troopers and I had a realization that ruined the entire movie for me because it makes the human race seems idiotic.

Uhm. Wait. These guys have the tech to build massive huge starships and have laser weapons and shit, but they still have this idea of sending foot soldiers down to fight huge armored bugs? One word idiots: Tanks.


The book is way better, they explain that they need intel of a more intelligent bug than a soldier, so they have to go into the tunnels to kidnap one more or less.

I mean, still could have used drones but if we just used drones for everything in sci-fi it wouldnā€™t be very interesting.


You have to remember they grossly underestimated the bugs, and overestimated the power of their infantry. Plus, they wouldā€™ve had to build a tank maneuverable enough to deal with the bugs as they were pretty agile.

In any case, the second time they attacked they cleared everything out with bombs.


Brain fucked thoughtsā€¦

Highlander reboot but this time people watch a bunch of Toyota highlanders Duke it outā€¦

Scar jo should do the scarlet letterā€¦

Cheesey bread comes with dipping sauce but why not just add sauce to the cheesey bread

To get dominoes you pay with dominoes

I think skeletor is an archetype for the grim reaper and he man is an archetype for every boy manning up by facing their own fear of deathā€¦

Bromance novelsā€¦

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Drunk post

Bartenders have to deal with some belligerent undesirables and they have to deal with serving some of these belligerent undesirables like a fucking waiter which is no joke because some get really stupid or just act up its almost like having to deal with a toddler that continuously has a tantrum and shits their pants because they ate too much crayons and now have diarrheaā€¦

And plus itā€™s like watching a bunch of fail from dudes and dudettes and women trying to pick up each otherā€¦which Iā€™m like hey your an adult your bad decisions are on youā€¦and have enough common sense to not um like play yourselfā€¦

That being said Iā€™m like might as well give a reasonably generous tip because they might be working two jobs or have the one and go on no sleep with shit wagesā€¦because the economy sucks and you gotta side hustle with your main hustle to make ends meat on top of dealing with some people getting themselves fucked up to ease their existential painā€¦by throwing caution to the wind and having a ye old good hoot and holler of making sure you donā€™t remember the bad stresses of yesterdayā€¦

And you have to play kindergarten cop to make sure people donā€™t shit themselves and get along well enough so that everybody can have a good time.

A lot characters you have to deal with and you gotta do all this shit with a smile and a friendly face which is not an easy thing to doā€¦otherwise you lose business and as a bartender the bars success is based upon your service to customers and your ability to bring in businessā€¦which is a skill in its own rightā€¦soā€¦

Takeaway respect the bartenderā€¦

Also bouncersā€¦have to deal with stupid unruly fucks trying to fuck up everybody having a good timeā€¦low and behold if they have to get into an altercation with the drunken morons cause those types are bad for businessā€¦gotta tough job because a bouncer has to deal with some idiots trying to bring a gun into an establishment in case the idiots want to cockfightā€¦with some other idiotsā€¦so itā€™s like idiots harassing other idiots by trying to cockfight each other over a nonsensical slight or over womenā€¦

Alcohol makes people into charactersā€¦

Not all bad though but hey interesting is interesting.

Drunk philosophy of trying to walk a mile in another personā€™s shoes.


drunk post. i donā€™t want to talk to anyone on here now. but i still do. i just reloaded all of my old songs and got drunk while doing a sobriety program. i feel ashamed but at the same time i understand i am putting myself first. it is deeply confusing and weird and i am basically trying to stop my obsession from growing. i can have love for a person and not put them first. and this is so bizarre. nothing is in sync. but that is to be expected. 5 years of silence musically will do a number on any artist. i am scared, but my irl demands focus. music must wait so i can focus on stabalizing my irl self. the message on planes is always the sameā€¦ "if in the event of catastrophe, apply your mask on yourself before you apply a mask to your child. life never fails to throw insanity at you. letā€™s hang on as tightly as we can to sanity. irl comes first guys. we gotta pay our bills first. music comes after we take care of ourselves first. yeah. thatā€™s all i got. idk.


Donā€™t make excusesā€¦just go for it.


A Shitpost

That the world can readā€¦

Thereā€™s the
Nuclear apocalypse
Natural apocalypse
Apocalypse from space
The zombie apocalypse
And then there is the scumbag apocalypse

The scumbag apocalypse is the easiestā€¦it where generations fall through the cracks because people are dicks to each otherā€¦


I havenā€™t watched political news.

I personally think that the cure to the political strife that stems from the negative rhetoricā€¦is having a life.

I canā€™t listen to trump talk or post trump anal analysis or the existential fear mongering angst.

Besides watching political news is like propaganda at this point and itā€™s just a bunch of negativity that prevents people from doing what they need to do to live.


Yeah, especially in the current polarized climate, most political commentary is agitation at this point and lots of news is selective and biased. I still assume itā€™s good to stay informed at some level and engage in political discussion with friends and family, but I often wish I could get some of that time back I spent thinking about politicsā€¦


When ppl try to do a fourth turning of society civilization but wind up instigating race riots and political extremism all to bring about a generational revolution of new ideas and innovationā€¦Iā€™m liek fail.

Because all that is being accomplished is pissing people off.

How to create generational change. Spur the economy so that ppl donā€™t have to work two jobs to make enough money and as a result have more time with their kids to raise them the right way so that they donā€™t wind up being professional video gamers.

How to not create generational changeā€¦
Be an asshole that makes 2 trillion to fly a penis rocket into spaceā€¦or someone that decides to run for president by buying the election.

Rabble rabble rabble Iā€™m done.


Having all the correct political beliefs will not guarantee that a person will be more liked.


Felicia hardy and spidermanā€¦

Better than mj and Pete parker


It sucks to say, but 99% of it seems to only serve as a means of stressing people out. If politics are somebodyā€™s hobby or special interest, I think thatā€™s totally cool and even normal in our society, but I donā€™t know very many people whose lives are being improved by spending a large chunk of their time in that type of headspace.

I traded all of that time in for hobbies and art and I feel much better, personally.


Good for you, I believe that for sure - working on it, too, but itā€™s not always easy, I let it get way too deep into my life in various respectsā€¦


Toxic masculinityā€¦is not actually anti masculinity.

Itā€™s actually something more along the lines of being against subpar men who are abusive in some way to women. In other words itā€™s anti men treating women shittily.

Oh how things get twisted.

Even though I donā€™t like social media sometimes itā€™s an eye opener just gotta go for different minded content and find whatā€™s most common sense.

False characterizationsā€¦thank God I cut out politics from my lifeā€¦Iā€™m still doing the deprogramming thing and Iā€™m making progress.


Who would win


Or samurai

Or mma


Itā€™s a little after 5am and Iā€™m sitting on the edge of our bed, canā€™t sleep. Nothing really to say other than that. As sad as it might read, itā€™s times like this Iā€™m glad to be able to drop in here and get lost for a while.

Hope all ye fuckers are keeping well.