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Pop tarts




we move forward. we look back when needed, but we move forward. and we evolve. period. now go


I cant watch certain fail vids like people breaking their legs…cause i cringe out of empathy




Does anybody knows how i can use sample packs that are sold out there. I’m afraid if I use them in commercial production, then they can sue me for samples.

like these



Look for the specific license for the sample or sample pack that you want to use commercially. You can usually either find it in the folder (a text file called “license agreement” or similar) or on the website where you got the samples. If you paid for the samples usually it will say something like “You are allowed to use the sounds in combination with other sounds in musical productions and X but not Y or Z (for instance use as isolated sound effects, relicensing or whatever)”. But make sure to read the whole thing.




I like nickelback now…

Sorry not sorry…


Chat gpt.


Today’s fun fact: phonetically, “GPT” in French means “I farted”. (“J’ai pété”)

Seems entirely relevant to the current performance of Microsoft’s AI engine.


I watched mona lisa smile…its like the woman version of dead poets society…

A few years back hollywood wanted to make a lord of the flies but with only women…I feel like that this has already been done with any of the real housewives reality shows.

Also side note some stuff on the internet proves to me that the lord of the flies was accurate like the ethos of internet trolls


I yearn for a reboot of xena the warrior princess and buffy the vampire slayer…

Less cheese and more grit.


Trippin about

Deli meats


Tater salad…


Nascar…watching them cars go around in circles…


The car crashes im just like yo…4 real…

F1 i get but nascar is meh…





Alice in chains country metal rock
Soundgarden country metal rock
Nirvana punk country metal rock…

Grunge meh…


Bro sure


Russell brand…

Very articulate…but i dont like him. I do have some respect for him though.

I would like him better as an intellectual if he was a physicist or mathmatician or a medical doctor instead of being a comedian that used to do drugs.