The Off-Topic Thread


I did this when I moved to Germany from the states but with binders. I saved a huge amount of space and weight. I have since collected so many more CDs I had to buy a few more binders, and this past year I have been burning them to flac…but I have well over 1000 discs so it is still a work in progress. I have about 400 to go I figure. I will one day have everything easily accessible, yet still have the originals around for nostalgia and “just in case.”


YeH I went through and had ripped them all to lossless before, so if I ever need them I have them all backed up.


Be Fierce


Talib kweli instagram…the guy literally responds to everything even gets into arguements with randos…

Interesting posts…



I’ts a tik tok cringe compilation but it’s does not make sense because you don’t know russian maybe



Controversies of the week…
What’s the point in having a fit over a bunch of bullshit wrapped in turd tortilla.


Like a condom that doesnt read.

Edit random sentence…I’m not funny.


I agree.


Im philosophically investigating feminism…because the red pill is lame, so is the bull headedness…, and the whole thinking with penis…,and also because I dont want to be one of those people that thinks everyone is a Karen…or be the male equivalent of a Karen.

I mean no amount of Philosophy doesnt explain why shitty people are shitty people

But I can’t listen to 80 billion podcasts and pundits in the media circuit where people opine about opinions…

And dudes talking about feminism is like…a sausage party.

I’d rather just listen to what women have to say…
Cause actively listening is a part of the key to a good relationship.


I’m still alive but very busy and just wanted to say “hi I still post here sometimes.”


Me too, moodorf. I’m not busy, though.


I watched a bunch of videos on youtube about orchestration .


You deploying anti-virus in an enterprise?


It Doesn’t Matter Forums

i know i wasnt here for a couple of years but man i hate to see it as dead as it is. :frowning: i miss the whole 2011-2016 crew. I’m just in a shitty spot right now mentally though, so dont mind me. drunk nostalgia post. I’m gonna go bitch at cyclops and get him to post.


It’s dead. The only ones around are the mod team, who’ve banned everyone. Except @relic, he’s cool. The Discord will be dead now as well seeing as @Roo_Stercogburn got butt hurt and power hungry. I guess that’s what they meant by building community. IDMf, rot in peace!


200 IO you are a soldier for keeping it up. more than i can do but you know what i will try and atone for my absence. i will bring the crew back as best i can, even Ben Walthew motherfucker you cant hide from meeeeeeeeee


Don’t get me wrong, there’s some good peeps, but IDMf is a forgotten relic of the past. Beat Battles have slowly died off, I tried to keep those going, but we fell short of milestones, and it just wasn’t a productive use of time anymore. I love the BB’s tho, that’s a cool thing that happened.

Without some serious soul searching, IDMf is dead in the water. They have a locked Discord, a site with no structure and no traffic. I say embrace the 404.


I think I accidently killed this forum with my odd posts…which was a reaction to people bullying me and my married female stalker…does it excuse my behavior no…

Sorry I’m trying to be a better human.

Also I guess some users have moved on from the music thing…and have real life stuff going on…

And also internet…nowadays posting all thoughts online isn’t the smartest thing…cause ppl are afraid of things ransomware…and getting destroyed because they did things like make a shitpost thread about farts.

also…if some of us meet in real life and repeated some of things that were posted in the past on here to each other…there would be mma style fights.

But people have falling outs and butt heads it’s a normal part of human life.

As far as embracing the 404…hope it doesn’t come to that…cause it’d be a shame…

I have no idea how to save idmf except for fucking off cause of some my sideroom posts like the political shitpost thread…and that joke mk ultra thread.


IO continuing the toxicity he was banned for I see. Keep making those alt accounts, it shows a very sad mind that can’t accept the consequences of its own poor behaviour.