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I did this when I moved to Germany from the states but with binders. I saved a huge amount of space and weight. I have since collected so many more CDs I had to buy a few more binders, and this past year I have been burning them to flac…but I have well over 1000 discs so it is still a work in progress. I have about 400 to go I figure. I will one day have everything easily accessible, yet still have the originals around for nostalgia and “just in case.”


YeH I went through and had ripped them all to lossless before, so if I ever need them I have them all backed up.


Be Fierce


Talib kweli instagram…the guy literally responds to everything even gets into arguements with randos…

Interesting posts…



I’ts a tik tok cringe compilation but it’s does not make sense because you don’t know russian maybe



Controversies of the week…
What’s the point in having a fit over a bunch of bullshit wrapped in turd tortilla.


Like a condom that doesnt read.

Edit random sentence…I’m not funny.


I agree.