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Is that one of those things that hurts whether you stand up or sit down?


Crap dude, sorry to read that.


It hurts most when I’m sitting down (esp while driving) or laying down (esp while trying to sleep)

It’s treatable, don’t get me wrong…it just sucks. Also Thanks for the sympathy Roo :slightly_smiling_face:

DDD sucks no way getting around it. What sucks more is that I just asked god to get some D’s in my face.

I don’t think he got what I meant. :upside_down_face:


Turn outs Chosen Lords, Moog Acid, and Big Soup are all hard to find now on cd, and are stupid pricey as a result. People, take good care of your cds! more than I did…


In short, if I don’t sit in headphones for a week and don’t compose tracks, then I sleep like a baby. If I sit with headphones on and compose for a while, I can’t sleep in the morning. So it goes.


I have Big Soup on CD (and vinyl, somewhere…) PM sent :slight_smile:
Big Soup had a huge influence on me when it came out. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to an album more than Big Soup. Phat Lab Nightmare was great. The At Atmos EP was just incredible and Drum N Bass for Papa…

Luke Vibert has made and continues to make such interesting music.




I’d never even heard of discogs.

thank you :grinning:


You’ve never heard of Discogs?!?!?


nope. Remember, hillbilly in the sticks…?



Discogs is an invaluable resource for any record collector. If you’re tagging albums that you ripped, or trying to find out more about a release, Discogs has records of every known release from pretty much any artist, recorded with notes, pictures, label info, UPC #'s… If I ever need to find out more releases by an artist, or want to find out if something is legit, Discogs is a must!

If you need to know the differences between a UK release and a US release, or the reprint vs the original cut of something, it’s all on there aggregated by users.




Oh yeah, Discogs is the shiz. I use it to find single cuts of the songs I like when they get taken down on youtube. And also I import my city pop from Japan. Now THAT is expensive, cuz shipping and customs and such. Yes, for a CD. Thankfully, most of the stuff I want has been re-printed in the past 10 years or so (though some of it with really heavy-handed remasters that compressed it too much IMO).


I’m kinda glad I’ve kept all my CD’s. A few years back, I actually through and de-cased my collection in order to save space, which actually was REALLY nice because not only did it save A LOT of space (i reduced a gigantic home depot moving box along with a second medium sized box filled to the brim with cd’s to one single medium sized box), I also removed 2/3’s of the weight, since most of the weight of a CD is the case, and if you have a few hundred CD’s, that adds up, and is a pain when you’re moving!

I went through and moved all my CD’s from their cases to clear plastic envelopes, as well as their sleeves and artwork and stuff (the CD also had it’s own sleeve so it doesn’t get scratched on the paper).


Just look how nicely they came together:


Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

The golden rule is the key to some of the worlds problems…imo lol.


Trying to imitate some of Zappa’s synclavier stuff.

Wish me luck


What do I mean by this?

Three zero three four.


that’s your zip code


someone should help out io, i think he got hacked.