The Off-Topic Thread


that man’s gonna have to do a lot of lifting


flash player just automatically uninstalled from my computer. why’s nobody talking about this instead of u.s. politics


Flash is oooooooollllddddddddd and needs to go away.


Sorry guys for turning it to eleven and being a complete asshole…five stages grief, of which i believe one of the five stages is anger…its not an excuse just an explanation.

Fair is fair…thank you for tolerating me.



It’s actually kinda hard to run into a wall on purpose, that guy has some dedication. It’s hard to turn off that switch in your head that says, “no… no…”


I watched a masterclass, and the tutor says that there is no time wasted , It will come when the time is right she says. So wasted 10+ years for nothing and now i’m waiting for Compensation


I would like to ask, what is so difficult about drumming to the rhythm of someone else’s song, like playing to a metronome?



I have too much time too concern myself with nonsense.

Men wearing dresses…how be different from scottish kilts…

Do I care…nope…harry styles…whateves

My idea about men and women…
What makes men men…
Will work with hands and do dishes and laundry (something traditionally seen as women :eyeroll: chores) with No complaints.

Doesn’t need to make debate about manliness or men’s rights

Doesn’t care about appearing alpha in front people…cause doesn’t feel need to show off or prove anything to anybody. Is humble but not bitch.

Can take the guy that plays Gregor clegane in a fight for real.

Is knowledgable.

Doesn’t cry over hurt feelings or spilled milk.

Doesn’t give a fuck about lists or shit about what is maniliness.

Knows that Men are expendable and is ok with it.

Doesn’t complain about women…cause will speak directly…doesn’t care if women or other men talk shit.

Also manly man doesn’t need to be cajoled or reassured self esteem wise.

A Manly man could fistfuck a stick of dynamite into a collapsing neutron star without a space suit and use the force to save le galaxy…
Blah blah blah…etc…

Men are expendable…
Women aren’t

Be careful what you wish for…if you wish to be treated the same way as a man.

For example some men call other men bitches or gay for expressing feelings…men arent usually sympathetic towards other men…not manly to engage in feelings with other men…logic yes but feelings are only for rare occasions.

That being said despite biological differences…
Men and women Equal in terms of some traits in the spectrum…differences depend more so on the individual.

Feminism and masculinity not equal diva…divas are just overgrown spoiled brats.

Also queen not diva

queen is either freddy mercury…or a combination of Lara croft… xena the warrior princess and wonder women…

Irl that would be a woman that served in the military…and now has a successful career with a degree.

Why this post…tired of gender political bullshit

Fe… male

Iron male = woman.

Cause men are animals…women know it…
They do the best they can.

But also everybody poops…so nobody is perfect…

Also fuck the imaginationland fantasy that the opposite sex has about each other…

Snap back to reality…


The only thing that matters is that he had decency to wear underwear and isnt buffalo bill.

I should learn that ignore button instead of carrying on about shit that be meaningless…

Why No proper engleese…cause sounding stupid easier to read…and sounding intelligent makes harder to read…

But yeah I’m stupid cause I dont follow the trends…I’d rather be stupid than stupidly chase after trends that have a 5 second shelf life…

Society is the way society is cause everybody farts when nobody is around or looking…

I know how it feels to be butthurt literally.

Blah bye bye imaginationland.


Female perspective:

My guess

Imagine Being at a sausage festival…where different sausage companies use people to have sausage franchises and the companies compete with each other trying anything to sell sausages using various marketing gimmicks…and get into fights over things like sales territory and customers and sausage recipes…which makes it difficult to find quality sausage.

Tldr like the coca cola and Pepsi cola war.


Comedy music forums…a music forum full of shitposts.




anyone play Among Us?!?

It’s an awesome whodunnit game very much like The Thing! It’s also only $5, and I’m playing right now and ppl should come play. My room code is currently BJKPHF


Feel like I need to apologize. I will keep it short and sweet cause dont want to waste time with bs/blag.

I’m sorry. I’ll fuck off.


Anyone here ever been on Prednisone? It’s a steroid (no, not that kind)

I’m on it for my sciatica. I swear the way it’s affecting me is like cocaine. I take my dose and for the first 2-3 hours I think oh wow, this is great. my leg and back don’t hurt anymore, I feel peppy/socialable and giddy…little thirsty…hungry…

But then by hour 4-5 it’s like uh oh.

Then by hour 6 onwards it’s like “oh my god someone let me off this train pllleeeeeease”

I took my dose at 2pm today and I still feel like I just did a small bump of coke :fearful:


Saw my shadow today.

You know what that means…

That I got scared. And I got Pink eye anyways. Fffffffuuuuuuuuuuu…!!!


Yeah I was on a short term prescription for it, I just remember being irritated at almost everything. I’ve heard other’s stories that were more like yours, though.


Irish soda bread.


ive chosen this as my avatar because producers and produce.


After a month of pain shooting down my left leg, I’ve been diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease. I’m going to need an X-ray, Physical Therapy, and medication…oh and the condition is irreversible.

But hey, I’m working on new music so there’s…that. :unamused: