The Off-Topic Thread


that’s probably a pretty accurate approach the Noisia guys used. I remember watching something about the making of their Outer Edges EP and a lot of their basses and tones came from power tools and drills and shit, pretty awesome.,


They combine computer synthesis with foley I’m guessing thats the secret behind the bass.


I think i understood how to play piano

Need to check it A$AP :DDDDDDDD

:smiley: Yes, I figured it out with my brains, thinking. without practicing the piano. but it still needs to be checked.


I need to do research on how to play.


I will show you but you can not undestand to the point. In short play whatever notes you like.

PS I need to work on my left hand so i can play whatever i like :DD


I think I may have the dexterity built up in my fingers but I have trouble finding the center octave c5.

I have difficulty telling the difference between different keyboards and finding c5.


No i have another problem - i cant break the rules

Also i find one ultimate way to learn is just watch another dude playing or singing or whatever.


Listen to yourself sing record your own voice and listen to yourself.

That is how you practice your singing.




@hellscion. What happened to that dude.


Turns out Pornocracy is a thing. I feel so unschooled learning this now.


aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s cold today and both my office and apartment have locked out thermostats set at too low of temps


The “o” key on my laptop keyboard is going out, so now every once in a while I’m having to hit delete to go back and add “o”'s to my sentence. I’m kinda bummed at that because I was just feeling like I was breaking my keyboard in and it wasn’t feeling all weird and fake with these chiclet type keys.


Nxivm is in the news again…I’m like lolwut…why wtf is this I dont even.


hey , i’m back


Obligatory six-month post announcing that I miss you all but also that I’m logging off for another six months immediately after posting this.



Hope all well in the world of you :slight_smile:


Not bad, Roo. Busy with music, work and all the stuff in between. Occasionally see you on Steam, I ought to send you a message on there sometime. :wink:


This whole time I thought you were “TrustySEED”


welcome back Q, glad to have you here. :beers: