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Wtf i remember being told something different…somebody taught me wrong.


You can also just say, “for example”, or maybe if it’s like an instructional book or test, you can do, “Ex. 1-2”.


Robert Pattinson is the new batman…I mean even he hates that he did the twilight movies…so idk…why is this news I dont really care either way.

Twilight was meh. Never saw it never will.


Have you seen any other of Robert Pattinson’s movies besides Twilight? He’s actually been doing a lot of pretty cool movies, apparently he’s intentionally been pushing his agent to get him in really weird and bizarre movies, and he’s been pretty to watch actually. Disclaimer, I’ve never seen Twilight.



I’ve seen Lighthouse and Good Time, both were really good!


Yeah, I’ve really been liking the movies A24 has been putting out.


95% solid for my tastes


Actually I have…hes a good actor…I get why he does bizarre roles…in Hollywood if you get type cast your career is limited…but some actors actually make a living because they can be relied upon to play a certain type of character. So I dont know Hollywood is fickle. People love you and then they hate you…I blame the paparazzi but hey they are public figures so it comes with the territory…

Me personally I took one acting class…
Thought it would be necessary for business…and to figure out people.
Gut feeling.


So are you saying he plays bizarre roles because he wants to make a living doing a certain type of character, or as a way of breaking out of teen vampire roles?


Breaking out of teen vampire roles.


He could get type casted as a psychological thriller role just as easily as he could a teen vampire though. And plus, Twilight itself fits the genre of “bizarre” movies, being about a girl falling in love with a vampire. Bizarre movies are their own genre as much as action, drama, or comedy movies.


I was always more of an underworld fan…Kate beckinsale slays.


I liked the Underworld movies, at least the first and second one. I’m not sure how many there are now, but the two I saw I liked. I always liked Milla Jovovich in the Resident Evil movies.


I liked milla in messenger joan of arc…the only good movie luc besson made scratch that I liked lucy but I cant remember some of his other films…but yea milla in another movie coming out called monster hunter…which is loosely based off a capcom game…

Tony jaa is in it…good martial artist…even though the storyline of some of his movies are subpar.

Milla can do horror as well but it’s like she always gets typecast as an action heroine…tbh I havent seen her play different roles so…

But hey this is just an observation and not a complaint.


I don’t care, because Leeloo Dallas Multipass.


Lmao I remember that movie…high cheese factor but cool in a way…

Except the hip hop beat combined with opera singing no dice on that one.


You didn’t like that?!?!? That scene gives me goosebumps every time I watch it, I LOVE the whole sequence! The beginning is this nice, slow, tragic and sad kinda thing, then it gets all upbeat while Leeloo starts kicking all the aliens’ butts. And the vocal is amazing, although I’m pretty sure the upper registers were synthesizers, but I LOVE that part. Them going to Floston Paradise (however you say it) is one of the best parts of the movie I think.

That entire movie is CLASSIC!! Bruce Willis and Mills Jovovich, and Gary Oldman as the priest. Futuristic settings and action and humor. The Fifth Element is amazing.


I did like it…I still sorta like it…however the character Chris tucker played not my cup of tea.

Milla was awesome in that movie so was bruce…the action was good…I dunno gary oldman wa out of place…hes a good actor.

Some actors didnt fit the movie…and the storyline could have been more gritty instead throwing in a few jokes here and there.


People just don’t get it

Another 1