The Off-Topic Thread


Controversial opinion that might put me in front of the firing squad but whateves…do we recycle tp or should we entirely rethink how we do it? Because to does have a production cost at the expense of the environment. So hence my question to the brilliant minds of idmf…

I mean that sincerely because creative types have creative ideas :slight_smile:

Edit: is the something better than a bidet?


I’m still looking for used AWD vehicles to replace my 08’ Legacy with 240k on it. I found a WRX edition Impreza nearby that was pretty sweet looking but the catch was it has a manual transmission…and I’ve never driven a manual. Ever. But I went down to the dealership for a test drive anyway, thinking

yyyyeah it went exactly how you would think it would. A lot of stalling, a lot of what the fuck, which of these is the right pedal!? a lot of being jerked around in the seat and all sorts of clutch-grinding fun. I brought someone along with me who can drive standard so I wouldn’t be completely lost on what to do. The WRX I was test driving/looking at wasn’t in particularly good condition in person, so I passed.

But overall the experience didn’t leave me wanting to stick to automatic cars for the rest of my life. I’m just going to keep looking for more Subarus since I am not buying a truck. They’re just not my thing.


you can’t drive a stick?!? It’s probably better if you find a friend or acquaintance or something who’ll let you practice in their car, rather than the car dealership’s car. I prefer manuals when possible. You have much more control over engine braking and acceleration, and they’re cheaper and less expensive to fix if the transmission goes out.


lol! Oh man, you tested a manual with no experience before? fuckk! haha. I remember learning that shit as a kid I fucking hated it, but once you learn manual it’s great. I personally prefer it over autos.


I dont know dick about cars the only thing I do know is how to change tires…that and you need a socket wrench…the only thing computers are good for are calculation measurements for all the specs and maybe calculating things like friction and wind resistance and how much stress the car can endure…uh wait are we talking about car shopping or building cars…nvm…:confused:


I have no idea if we recycle TP. TP is biodegradable tho cuz it’s made from wood pulp. A bidet is a very environment conscious approach to the problem. Or we could just evolve to be perfectly efficient machines that never need to go #2.


Nvm sorry guys for turning idmf into AA cesspool of existential bullshit…I think it’s time I split. Also there was a death in the family and I wish God had taken only myself.

Let it be guys. Take care all the best.



50 cent books the one about hustling that dude is street smart and knows his stuff.

And he also wrote one with robert greene a while back…

50 cent does make some good reads.


Random thought: Pornhub should call their HQ “The Big Bang”.

That is all.