The Off-Topic Thread


I’ve checked it and it’s meh. Magic algorithms don’t exist so don’t bother. It’s not going to fix terrible mixes. You have more control by yourself and with some basic mastering knowledge and listening you can reach good results. You don’t even need fancy VSTs if you’re know what you’re doing. Constant DIY approch leads to more experience. You learn from your mistakes so it’s a win/win situation when you try and fail. Time is surely priceless but these small feels for some online mastering sounds like a loss to me. Maybe a cool experiment for a day but you shouldn’t rely on that.


Soundcloud mastering made my track way quieter than the original (I didn’t pay them for this shitty service, I just used the preview button and quickly realized that it sux dix).

Also, I don’t really ‘master’ my own tracks, so I’m not sure if I fed the algorithm what it was expecting or not. They didn’t even tell me about this mastering business until I already uploaded my track, so I had no time to prepare my anus or anything.

I will continue to use clipmax on all of my masters, dammit


One of the best mastering limiters I’ve heard lately uses clipping to push that last db. It’s good stuff. All the cool kids are doing it these days.


It’s a magical day!


On the mastering bit, wasn’t there a user here that did have a mastering service? Numerical I want to say, I wonder if he’s still around on the forum, :thinking:


@White_Noise does mastering


Having a rough time with this new album. I just don’t have the energy lately for making music, and I’m working a lot. Ugh.


I think Numerical never came back after the crash. I’m sure someone here can put you in touch.


He seemed like a level headed dude, but I am surprised to hear he hasn’t come back to the forum… yet

I’ve never really used mastering services, never pushed any music far along enough for that sort of thing haha, usually call it done once there’s a decent mixdown and normalize it.


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