The Off-Topic Thread


You’re just a drummer in the making. They got you hooked; now you need a snare or a practice pad.

I have suspicions that I’m on the spectrum, and drumming was always a ‘relaxing’ hobby for me as a kid because it relieved my aggression and hyperactivity. Even as an adult, it’s pretty much aerobic exercise without much thought or commitment involved. 5 stars, highly recommended


Want to tell a joke. So there is a Beat magazine english edition and magazine is shipped with free software. I signed up for the newsletter and that they send me the license key. And this is what they sent

=== IK Multimedia T-RackS ONE ===
Unfortunately the serial numbers for this product are empty.
We will get more licenses soon and get in touch with you then





Right back at ya…you been lurking for a while? I saw in your profile you joined a while back…Good to see you all the same . :wink:


im all the same still :slight_smile: hbu mr mechanics? :smiley:


Two days since you guys last posted in Off-Topic? Slacking in my absence, shame on you.



Same old same old…not much different here. Been working on a couple of things, but I really need to stop farting about and focus on just one project at a time, rather than fiddling with many at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong…it’s all good fun, but I seem to get lost in noodling sounds, rather than doing something constructive with them. :roll_eyes:


Anyone else here ever play a piece of gear really loud through monitors and have the thought smells like I should turn the level down…?



You Rock! @White_Noise
I’ve been kinda out of it for awhile


@bfk… your point is well taken. But it’s complicated… there’s been plenty of trying to deal with the MOFO with kid gloves… for a lot of people… the gloves are off.

Fortunately, the military is tell8ng him to back off… and he is a coward… when he has enough wits about him to understand the threat.


the farting wombat has my vote