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You’re just a drummer in the making. They got you hooked; now you need a snare or a practice pad.

I have suspicions that I’m on the spectrum, and drumming was always a ‘relaxing’ hobby for me as a kid because it relieved my aggression and hyperactivity. Even as an adult, it’s pretty much aerobic exercise without much thought or commitment involved. 5 stars, highly recommended


Want to tell a joke. So there is a Beat magazine english edition and magazine is shipped with free software. I signed up for the newsletter and that they send me the license key. And this is what they sent

=== IK Multimedia T-RackS ONE ===
Unfortunately the serial numbers for this product are empty.
We will get more licenses soon and get in touch with you then





Right back at ya…you been lurking for a while? I saw in your profile you joined a while back…Good to see you all the same . :wink:


im all the same still :slight_smile: hbu mr mechanics? :smiley:


Two days since you guys last posted in Off-Topic? Slacking in my absence, shame on you.



Same old same old…not much different here. Been working on a couple of things, but I really need to stop farting about and focus on just one project at a time, rather than fiddling with many at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong…it’s all good fun, but I seem to get lost in noodling sounds, rather than doing something constructive with them. :roll_eyes:


Anyone else here ever play a piece of gear really loud through monitors and have the thought smells like I should turn the level down…?



You Rock! @White_Noise
I’ve been kinda out of it for awhile


@bfk… your point is well taken. But it’s complicated… there’s been plenty of trying to deal with the MOFO with kid gloves… for a lot of people… the gloves are off.

Fortunately, the military is tell8ng him to back off… and he is a coward… when he has enough wits about him to understand the threat.


the farting wombat has my vote


hey, soundcloud is doing mastering now, any of you nerds out there wanna check it out and come back with an opinion


why do all that when I can just go bum someone to run my crap thru ozone to make loud crap, same thing right


I’d totally would go to home depot and would spend the whole day looking at paint swabs and arguing over perfect color to paint our recently redecorated living room with jessica biel.


I checked it out after I just uploaded a track. It’s interesting, it’s mostly automatic but gives a few controls. You can choose the type of sound, there’s “thunder”, for a big club sound, “sunroof”, which is a lighter, I guess more midrangey sound, there’s a few others. Then you can adjust how much of the mastering effect is applied.

I tried it out on my BB track (:coughcoughrighthere::, with the “thunder” setting, and it did sound pretty good, nice a level.

The thing is, the mastering is a PAID service.

For normal users, mastering is $5 a track.

If you have a Pro Unlimited Soundcloud account, you get 3 free masters per month, then it’s a discounted price of $4 per track.

It seems pretty cool, I’ve been seeing automatic mastering starting to pop up as a service people offer. I remember a while back there was some online site that did a similar thing.

This one, on the track I did, it sounded pretty good in the preview. It’d be fun to use with a Pro account, as you only pay like $12/mo, and this is all just an add on to the existing services, so that’s cool.

I just hope that you get access to a download of the mastered track, and not just have it only on Soundcloud.



It’s like a paragraph, maybe two. It’ll take all of a minute to read. Less!


Spectral editing for mastering. Seems so easy.