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yes I do


Anyone else here hate weddings?

My cousin has one in about a month and it’s happening on a day I’ll likely have off from work.

I want to just say fuck it but she’s one of the few people in my extended family I like so there’s a good chance I’ll end up going.

I still might ask about having work on that day for a different day off, gives me a convenient excuse. Because I hate weddings.


Yeah I got married at one, lol what a mistake that was.


Not sure if serious or joking but have a like either way.


I mean, I go to my direct family’s weddings and close friends, but after that I start feeling like it’s more optional.


When you say family wedding, which members of the family were marrying each other?

This is prolly where I should run for cover.


Hatfields and mccoys I think…I saw it in the paper


Today when I picked up my Matrix 6 from the music place, I bought a pair of drumsticks.


Well, I don’t play drums, but I needed something to whack objects with to record found sounds for…renoisification.

I just found myself drumming the back of my fancy office chair with the drumsticks, not even recording it, just for fun. I’m 34 years old by the way, not 13.

I’m probably autistic. :grin:


I have drumsticks, although I don’t have any drums.


omg lmfao I’m fuckin dead xDDDDDDD


ah ok. Well, I feel slightly less weird. for now. :crazy_face:


wtf am i looking at and why was this suggested instead of my norwegian jazz noise


You should combine norwegian jazz noise with it.



nise song by the way :smile: vulcan_salute:


It’s highly satisfying to play drums on your bed when you want to break things. Relieves the tension quickly!


Fuckin eh. I got myself a pedal to split the output of my guitar to two different amps one to handle high mids, treble and chugging and the other to handle bass, low mids and sludge.

Sounds frigging amazing.

Only problem now I need to get a second noise gate pedal became the amp without it hums like a mofo in between chugs.


Still got this btw mate:


Also, still love it :slight_smile:


You know you’re a fat lazy bastard who spends too much time on his laptop when you find out the reason you can’t plug something into your USB port is because there’s a giant dorito chunk lodged inside, as I discovered the other day. :wink:


prime what made you laugh today thread material right here