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I really apologize beforehand for this political post…so I’ll keep this short and sweet for the Americans on this forum…

Regardless of your political beliefs or your feelings about me personally…might want to reach out to those you know participating on both sides of the protests…and warn them heres why…

You do not want to give trump an excuse to use this as an opportunity to declare martial law…that wont be good for anyone

That is all i will say once again I’m really sorry…I just have a gut feeling that this whole situation is gonna go horribly wrong…

Ok that is all I’ll stfu…now


A political post!?


nah i think no one really cares.


I’m probably just being overly cautious but I’d rather not be right about the shit hitting the fan in this situation…so might as well say something so that shit doesnt actually hit the fan…

Edit to summarize my last point: do your homework there is more than one way to achieve your goals.

Ok I’ll shut up.


Trump wants a national crisis and doesn’t care if its internal or external. Because of the Roman-style ruling brought in by congress a few years ago it effectively means he will stay in power until he dies, which is what he’s actually after. So long as GOP can keep almost-hiding the backbrace holding him upright he’ll trot out to show face until his brain has long since packed in, spewing hatred and inciting people to fight each other.

Watching the news, man I feel sorry for you guys over there. Its a trainwreck horrifically unfolding before everyone’s slackjawed gaze.


I will have you know that my jaw is fully supported by the floor.




I’m just basically trying to prevent murphys law from happening.


i havent had any problems with that. in fact, the opposite, i am smoking way too much now and my tolerance levels are getting expensive :frowning:
have you tried asking the youngsters? you will get ripped off because they probably do, but at least youll have something.


they will do what they want, regardless of how protestors act. that is exactly what they are protesting. it is already marshal law anyway. nobody is dead yet, but its only a matter of time. enough people are being illegally beaten by police. if thats not marshal law, what is?

“nobody is dead yet” - i meant in the protest. LOTS of people are dead because of the pre-existing marshal law.


Been there…done that…they just said, “Nah, boy…can’t get any…nothing doing”…and that’s from one who’s smoking it nearly constantly. :roll_eyes:

I think it’s the age difference…and nothing personal, if you know what I mean. I think they don’t tend to trust older guys or can’t relate or something, plus, who knows, they might even think I’m a cop or something, f.a.i.k.

Oh well, the sun will shine again one day…just have to hang in there. :wink:


Yeah all I see is a machiavellian tactic divide an conquer…

A better way is the whites and the blacks and the cops and the other minorities exchanging stories of personal experiences to open each others eyes and not fight over ideas for societal vision…we can argue over that later once we find common ground…


Yeah can we not all play into fall for the machiavellian tactics…currently at play…

And dont assume…you make an ass out of you and me…i dont mind talking…just trying to encourage people to mediate…

For The divisive rhetoric, the riots, and the attacking cops and the prosecution and attacking innocents just needlessly pushess otherwise reasonable people to opposing sides…

Yeah so make fun of me/attack for being the one to preach sunshine and rainbows and the power of hug therapy…I dont want to live in a world where I cant complain and lobby for legal weed



:rofl:…if only you knew!!!



Why I’m having so much feels right now

Also Google the lifespan of earths biosphere.


So I’ve decided that the new piece of music will be more stripped-down than previously intended. I upgraded to Renoise 3.2.1 and my first instinct was “MORE FEATURES MUST USE ALL OF THEM IN EACH SONG” but after realizing layers on top of layers was muddying/shitifying my mixing, and listening to Amber and Tri Repetae again I’ve decided “less is more” is a better aesthetic goal.


Didn’t exactly click on that or read the article, but I’m hoping their idea is to swap out all of the humans with robots so they can make better decisions than the humans have been allowed to make in recent times


Do you use Renoise as your main daw?


Working nights at the hospital.