The Off-Topic Thread


9 times out of 10


…people shit post on forums without even trying.


Stop playing your records backwards?

/har har


Shitposts are old and lame we’ve moved onto to funny cat photos without text…


I wish you were shitposting right now. But it’s true. Dang cats.


Speaking of shit posting, here’s a dumb cartoon I made

You might need to zoom in, now that I’m looking at it on here.


Shitposting = posting pictures of poop on Instagram = level 6 on kardev civilization scale…

If intellectual satire(shitposting) is the new intellectual aphrodisiac for sapiosexuals then I just be like…its official nothing has substance therefore fulfillment is just purely a state of personal psychological adjustment…


I hope that one day I do enough drugs so that I cant even tell the difference between chillstep and leftfield… alas one can dream


I shit you not…I clicked on that pic to zoom in and my PC died and all the power went off in the house! It MUST be true…NEVER EVER refer to IDM as Techno! :fearful:


The DUP hacked you because they deem you anti-religious and friendly to gays.


Hey…how’s my favorite “big cock” ( Roo_Stercogburn = Rooster = Cockerel = …never mind. :unamused:) doing ? :smiley:


Head down, peddling hard. How’s life in Leprechaun land?


Green as always…same shit, different day. Mind you, this lock-down shenanigans has lead to a very sedate flow of life in the hood round our way…kids are less seen and not as much the loud pain in the arse they used to be…but work has taken a bit of a hit, which is strange, given it’s all mostly done online anyway.

Short form: OK, I guess, thanks for asking…and you? :slightly_smiling_face:


Got work, food and beer. Can’t complain. Still making batshit musics but not posted anything in quite a while.


Can’t seem to get any weed around my way for the last few months. The young buggers on our road seem to have it or can get their hands on it (…the cloud of secondhand smoke that wafts in our windows when they are gathered outside is glorious!), but the whole lock-down thing seems to have stuck a nail through that scene in general, for a while at least. Nobody I know can get any and the younger guys aren’t selling to the old farts, so that, as they say, is that! :unamused:


Ooh. That might be the closest thing I’ve ever seen to hell on earth.


Nah…there’s worse things in life, I know…but, man…these long sunny evenings…sitting there listening to some nice music…smoking your run-of-the-mill smokes just isn’t the same. :disappointed_relieved:


Who will get that?

It answers @A.M, @bfk, @White_Noise and @moodorf 's posts from this thread in one fell swoop, starting from there:


Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop - The late. great John Larkin

…enough said. :wink:


Reminds me of this silly video I made 5 years ago…

So many ugly edits with the black frame left in :unamused: