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It’s only irritating because it’s being used out of context, and in a very trite way that completely belittles the value of the message into a fortune cookie.

Regardless of how we may want to find something redeeming in it, the reality is that this quote, in meme form, is being used in a warped way and passed around as a charity blanket to make “yourself” feel better.

It’s not being used as a beacon of hope. It’s not being used as a bastion of light.
It’s being shared around as one very specific message that is no different than the song A Few of My Favorite Things from A Sound of Music.

Isolating the logic of the conversation to this quote, and then passing it around as some self-soothing trinket turns the message into tautological dribble.




amen brother!




Thanks for the laugh!



lol NP
i know what it feels like to get mad over stupid human shit :smiley:


Beards of Canada



The fucking quarantine is getting to me. I’m sick of quarantine.


Boba Fett-beard:


Beard to meet you:




I’ve always preferred “Braindance” anyway :stuck_out_tongue:




so go out


“Cain, the director of amazon prime” lol


i did that cuz shits fucking biblical…also was totally sober in my writing that…


“F9… takes one blow from 1D to the solar plexus”


characters names are actually hexadecimal