The Off-Topic Thread


i had kinda thought whether it was meant to be hex


Joe is being a bitch about me not being active anymore.

Hello everyone.

Okay, see you again in three months.



we miss you steeds <3 :slight_smile:


Watch this, it’s actually kind of a neat performance:


This is an interesting: AI generated songs from sample sets of existing popular songs. Here, “Never Gonna Give You Up”, by an AI:

The code is open source, thoughthe process of generating the music takes a while (I read it took 3 hours to generate 20 seconds of music), and you need a beefy computer to run it.

They already have a library of songs generated from various sample sets:


Oh no you don’t! Ain’t fooling me


Lol no it’s fine!


Today I did this. Gotta love those bubbily analog bits.

Yeah, this is definitely off topic.


This is an interesting: AI generated songs from sample sets of existing popular songs

I got rick roll’d noughties style but that’s awesome


God Damn it. I just nearly finished a song I’m really proud of only to realize that the synth riff from it is suspiciously similar to one from Bon Jovi. Like, it’s about 85%-90% the same. I don’t even like Bon Jovi.


I did not know where to load these screenshots.


What’s a picture doing in your timeline? You didn’t break into video editing on the side did you?


No, it’s a cool feature.
Insert -> New empty item , then you can upload an image. :smiley:
or write some notes in that empty item.


is that picture here for inspiration then ? haha that’s neat


Resident Evil


Yesterdy I went into a wal-mart and I’m not joking there was a cashier named Kitana and yes she was wearing a mask. I was so hoping she’d pull off the mask to do a fatality but that didn’t happen :disappointed_relieved:


omg lol


thats hot!
ive got a big fetish for girls in masks. this covid hysteria is really testing my perv switch XD
i am pretty sure it came from mortal kombat when i was a kid too :smiley:


Dont lie we all know you have a dark cybergoth history in your past somewhere… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: <3


lol i love goth chicks too if that counts for anything! :smiley:
weirdly i am actually pretty much a chav. but was always attracted to goth culture. its an odd combination!