The Off-Topic Thread


I’m annoyed because I just got Shudder, which has good horror movies…but I’m only awake until like 9-10pm most nights…and watching a horror movie during the day is stupid.


horror movies all day all night

just put some blankets over the windows and turn out the lights, you won’t tell if it’s day or night


If you’re gonna tweak, tweak right.


Way ahead of you; but still something feels off.

…maybe I’m just getting burned out on movies. I’ve watched…(looks up imdb) 64 this year so far.

Here’s a random topic…best movie/worst movie you’ve seen so far this year…go.


the scariest part of that is thats how people actually talk now


Hmm, for best I’m going with “Lawrence of Arabia” and for worst… “Bladerunner 2049” (which I just watched with my brother last night). By about an hour in, we realized the movie wasn’t worth taking seriously and we had to pause multiple times to make fun of it. The producers forgot everything that made OG “Bladerunner” good, and I just saw that one last week, so it made the flaws in 2049 stand out even more.



:stuck_out_tongue: <3


Best movie this year so far was probably Color Out of Space. Killer follow up work from the Producers of Mandy. Very unsettling lovecraftian retelling.

Worst film? Easily Star Warts episode 9. I had to turn it off after about an hour. Took me 3 tries to finish the one before it. Every scene made me more annoyed than the last.

JarJar Abrams has a reverse midas touch


Best movie: Parasite

Worst movie: honestly I’m having trouble thinking of a worst movie. I haven’t seen many new movies this year, I’m not sure I’ve even been to the theatres this year at all, so anything I would’ve watched would’ve been on Netflix on which I’ve watched only movies I’ve seen already I think. Anything I said was the “worst movie” would not be bad because maybe it wasn’t quite as good as Parasite.


Yeah, Color Out of Space is a great one.


Yea, so my therapeutic story writing reads like an extremely gay scifi type of fanfiction,
with the same level of epic as twilight/dbz (sarcasm)…I philosophically dissect everything via allegory all at an 8th grade reading level…
I am such a faggot…
but hey anything is better than shitposting…

dm me if youre high/drunk enough to be interested in reading my stupid garbage story, ill send it to you once i finish writing it…

cue the mockery…



I mean, sure…it’s a nice sentiment, but it also irritates me logically because it effectively says, “If you look at people helping, then you’ll see people helping.”

Well…no shit.
It’s kind of like saying, “If you’re standing in the Sahara, look for the oases and you will always find water.”

That doesn’t negate the resource scarcity (of water, or helpful people) of the stressful environment.

All it really says is, “When shit sucks, there’s always at least a few people who don’t.”



i love your analogy far more than the quote itself.


Maybe it means, in dark times, look for the good, tho it may be hard, because if you look you eventually will always find good.


Of course it means that.
That’s why it irritates me. It’s a tautological statement to say that you will see something that is in finite supply if you look for it.

The point is supposed to be an uplifting point that there’s always something good no matter how bad it gets, but that’s not only obvious, it’s trite.

All that actually says is, most people suck. Some don’t. You’ll see the ones who don’t if you look for them.
Yes…and most people still suck.

Finding an exhausted ICU nurse who has watched several people die from this virus, and hasn’t seen their family in 2 months, but battles every day to save people who are likely going to die doesn’t suddenly make this event better. If anything it makes it worse because then you see how fucked up everything really is when you look at how fucked up things are for that nurse.
And then you walk back down out of that viewing and see a swarm of people screaming about their rights being taken away, and denying the severity of the situation, and you see the governing infrastructure regularly running into walls with a bucket on its head and that nurse is supposed to give YOU hope?

Secondly…How fucking narcissistic are “you”?

Honestly, who gives a shit how “you” are doing.

The right assertion is:
“Help people in some way, because let’s be honest…it’s always fucked up.”



You sound like you need a hug


when @Jayson opens up a statement with this, thats when u know it gunna B gud


I need humanity to pull its head out of its ass and act like its been almost twenty thousand years since we started mending broken legs and stopped being inherent idiots incapable of betterment.
In the absence of that, I’ll settle for at least not making light of how shitty it is.

I don’t think low of Mr. Rogers or his mother.
He was simply answering a line of question about his disposition, and forwarding a way to learn how to help to children (this quote is out of context and part of a larger conversation).

However, the way it gets used by people now is so goddamn trite and infuriating.
Especially since it fucks up a great man’s intentions.

It’s used now as to say that this is the goal.
No fucktart! This was never the goal, so stop plastering it around like its a cross to the mythical Dracula.
You can’t Care Bear Stare shitty crap into oblivion; that wasn’t the point.

The point was, and is, Mr. Rogers’ mother told him that, and then Mr. Rogers became the helper who showed others how to help.

The point was help people.
Don’t just stand there making yourself feel better by watching people help people, and reminding each other to keep in mind that when it feels shitty, you can always watch people help people.



I guess tho, I’d you DON’T look, then you’ll never find any good.

To some, it’s not always so obvious. When hope is lost, and it feels like so many are oblivious or ignorant to fixing the world, or just don’t care, it starts to dim the light within people, bit by bit, until finally, it goes out, and they forget that there ever could be good, or happiness, to be found in the world.

I think it more means happiness really, than good per se. good is good, of course, but things can be good and not feel like it. People can be in good situations but not be happy. Not of any fault of their own, they just don’t see the happiness that can be found. Happiness can be elusive. You can feel like you’ve searched high and low, and not find it.

I feel it’s not so much the persistence, per se, it’s hope, that despite not knowing what’s to become of us, that it will all end up how it ought to be, with everything in it’s right place.


That’s why I get frustrated with it.
See above post.