The Off-Topic Thread


By packs of dogs, while trying to escape up a ladder made of over boiled spaghetti noodles


I have super lucid dreams/nightmares, my recurring thing is tornadoes.


happy belated-many-month-long rebirthiversary to IDMf!

I think the new site was launched to the public back in… december 2018?


Last year I was bored / armed with a handful of weird opportunities and got a few people to believe I was abducted by aliens on Reddit, semi-successfully. I’ve been looking for inspiration for round 2, and thought this whole pandemic thing might be a good time to make gullible people believe in ET’s.

If anyone has any compelling pieces of ‘evidence’ , EVP’s or something else to add to the pool or wants to try to beat my score, we can all make aliens great again. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Pandemic conspiracy theories


It is satisfying when the Windows sounds are in the same key as the track you’re listening to.


Should there be an idmf dating thread

  • Yes
  • No

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the poll doesn’t let you vote. What kind of societal tom foolery is this???


Decided to Make le thread anyways regardless of public opinion…let those who wanna post post and those that just wanna lurk lurk


I can date idmf? I don’t know man, I’m not into multiple partners, especially dudes :wink:


Ive always had an ominous feeling that I’d be living through some world event…


I found the one source of inspiration for the hxc band youth of today


this new version of the site?

I mean the original official IDMf birthday was august 2006…


haha this belongs in like r/showerthoughts or something xD


my recurring nightmare is being alone on a canoe in water that isn’t flowing, without an oar, in a canal within a cave deep underground that is lit by torches… and the walls are made of human skeletons



how to get a clean mix


slice chives to 1/8 inch thickness
marinate and sautee the fish in lemon juice, garlic cloves, and olive oil
add a splash of white wine…
pinch of salt
orange slices
2 tbsp of boullion
chopped lettuce
and some almonds

there you have it a puuurfect mix


The world will not stop rotating because of my situational feelings about tiger king.


that means that feelings are… big…? or… [planet wont stop rotating anyways + 0 +/- 0 = ]

I failed math, obviously