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Anyone used this software?

Any idea how it would compare to BIAB?



I can’t emphasize it, but you must use dissonant notes in your composition. Otherwise, you will get a cheesy pop song.


You heard it here folks, nothing but tritones and half-tones for me from now on.


I need to record vocals and I’m so lazy!


ahhh hahahahahahaha


Damn, it’s great


trash that, learn your software and learn the fundamentals of music; go listen to all kinds of music and open your ears


I want to download Tchaikovsky sheet music piano (and other famous composers, Chopin etc.) and i want to take a look at it and how i can put patterns in piano roll with my midi arp routing routine.


Just download the midi. I used to download Beethoven midis to help me figure out music theory, chords, etc. If you just google the piece you want and put “midi” at the end, you should find the work has already been done for you.






Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?


I mean use chromatic notes bro

@Qianta what ? my native language is russian so sorry if my sentence make no sense to you. My english is not so good. :grin:


Chromatic notes are so last century :stuck_out_tongue: . What’s been fun lately for me is to take a 2-osc synth and detune the second oscillator a few semitones and cents, then use an LFO to modulate the mix of the 2 oscillators. Then play chords with that. It sounds awesome, but so far no luck keeping a bass or lead in tune with it (not surprisingly).

Alternatively, you can just detune a couple of oscillators various intervals and get a nice chord out of it, then play chords with that and see if it holds up.





Check it out bros . very interesting


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