The Off-Topic Thread


the “what would your user data say about you” would make a great shitpost thread…fucking lol


Thanks for that. I just realized I suck. :sweat_smile:


We can’t all be good at everything, can we? :smile:


half the time I try to access this site I end up typing in “imdb” .com rather than “idmf”.

Movie buff problems.

Dyslexic problems.


Ditto. lol



Scrubs. At any computer I use, I type in “I” and this place comes up. I also have it bookmarked with just the little IDM man, so I never have to type it unless I’m already using the address bar.


I usually can just press 'i" and it autofills it to But if I accidentally delete the autofilled part while it is highlighted, I get search results for Kendrick Lamar’s, “I”:


It would be nice to create topics on trance production, house prod, etc. techniques and collect all the information there. I have a lot of links about house prod. how to make progressions. like these


Go for it. I’ll add info where I can.


was in the hospital a few days ago, (i’m fine, the circumstances of why im not going to divulge) and saw some random dude in the middle of making an ig or facebook video or something…he went on about about his medical condition and having personal strength basically talking about stuff to im assuming to a group of random strangers through social media as opposed to close friends and family…made me think about how social media has become adopted as a part of the western lifestyle…
and how people do nonsensical things with it when participating in it…
i guess its so addictive because it gives us the illusion of not being alone, while also somewhat encouraging laziness in regards to relationships, and it fulfills the need of some that spend time faking it to give the appearance that they live an awesome life…i mean i have never seen a social media post about the nature of farts because everyone farts and farts are embarassing…so when your scrolling through your ex’s or some person that you knew 10 years ago on social media…just remember its most likely that they fart too, and its most likely that they fart just as much as you and that some of their farts smell…so dont feel bad, everyone farts.



It’s a little weird. I like the idea of being able to have a platform to talk about stuff and potentially have people listen. Definitely it can be taken too far, and people can become too reliant on the adoration of strangers over people they actually know, but also when you can connect with people who you’d never be able to connect with otherwise it’s kinda cool. I’ve kinda met people “url” from towns I’ve lived in and areas/regions, that share similar mindsets who I’d never had known. If you can reach just one person, then hey, it’s worth it. But I agree, when people kinda let their lives be dictated by how many likes or subscribes they have, that’s no way to live, and the people that get to that point, it’s kinda messed up.


That guy you saw is probably making good money on his “How I broke my leg while snowboarding drunk” youtube video, in his defense.


Nope he was boxer/mma fighter or something with cancer or something else I think, 85% sure that he wasn’t seriously famous


Right so vibrations and the human body…brown note anyone???

Or is it just a compressed sub layered with higher frequency shift…



The brown note is real.


What does a DJ do if the track is already done, what does it twist on the player?

Random vid


Money bro. That’s the motivator. Fame is secondary. The Great Attractor, dollar bills. The reason everything around you exists is money. Profit. That’s what drives us as a civilization, would be a better term. i’m sure that’s not EVERY person but the vast majority, it’s being paid.


Getting paid’s pretty nice.


Like, there’s many people who I would not wish to have business of any sort with, but if it involves me getting paid, I’m happy to work to do business.


Cash rules everything around me cream get the money dolla dolla bill yall…

I still will never understand americas got talent…anybody ever get hit with bird poop…I did it was a traumatic experience…im scared to go outside now…what do I do…I heard that somewhere online that there is a remedy to resolve my trauma…it involves, two fish, a pineapple, some vaseline, an 8ft PVC pipe, a barrel, and a 5 gallon container of helium…not sure if it works though