The Off-Topic Thread


No, the official story just said something else. Like 50x over… and for what?
I don’t think anyone would care, but it would be awfully strange for there to be a ‘story’ at all.


The confusion likely comes from this series of posts on Facebook which directly present a narrative revolving around technical failures and rebuild for resolution.

In order…








Yeah you know

I’m just glad this place is here. Lol

Also I guess to fids point, I am glad all the fucking weird old posts are gone.

Although who didn’t like graciously going into the old weird 2012 threads as a flash back?


There was a crash but there were some backups. So some data would have been lost but a restore could have taken place. However the decision was made to take it on the chin and move to the new platform, instead of Stu putting in many hours of unpaid work to get things back up and running on the old platform. We’d been wanting to move the forums for aaaaaaaaages but the mangled data format of the old platform was a massive barrier.

So we took it on the chin and did the move. Stu got the platform up and running then the team got to work on the look and feel. And here we are.

Sorry to everyone for the grief of the move but the URL/DNS point here and anyone returning should be able to find their way. Whether they want to stay or not is another matter but I hope so :slight_smile:


Not ragequitting speaking truth I mean come on remember when I first posted here as I shit rainbows, seriously…anyways in the decade I’ve been posting here… idmf helped prevented me from becoming a brainwashed fox news/ msnbc consuming red pill/blue pill pop psychology meme generating ignorant fucktard that primarily lives in a virtual reality who does nothing but consume bullshit…by helping me via administering the vaccines called practicalism, critical thinking, and common sense so for that there is not enough thanks I can I give to idmf for that…so yea I’m fucking off to make room for the new generation…and because the internet can be a soul destroying black hole…and because the internet is my equivalent of alcoholism/drug addiction…

Tl:dr so thank you all for tolerating me…and for your indirect intervention…

Yea I know this is like the second goodbye, it’s because I’m italian which means guidos like me have to say goodbye 20 to 100 times and spend a half an hour of saying goodbyes in trying to leave before actually leaving and parting ways

Blah blah blah

Random person


Funny video i found


B-bye bfk… we’ll miss u


Ah, so it seems it DID crash, and the info wasn’t completely lost, but the decision was made to start anew with a fresh slate and a new site.


That’s my read of it.



Shit happens. This place is still gud in my book. Sometimes you just have to do it all for the nookie.


that seinfeld dude is a huge cunt


I got an email - hopefully they’ll run another promo again soon for ya


I don’t see what that has to do with my post. I just posted some confectionery deliciousness.




Welp, this has changed.


pissing myself fucking laughing :rofl:



Interesting ancient forum lore… :sunglasses:


If i’m broke i’m back to learning synths.