The Off-Topic Thread


All the best to you @bfk in all your endeavors! Hope you are not planning to quit music, too. Maybe see you around somewhere!


How do you get this free? I only see a list with prices for different versions?


Internet hiatus is good for the body and mind :slight_smile:

Plus, you’ll never be forgotten, you have already released too much music on the label that is published and out there in cyberspace. <3

Good luck with your future endeavors homie.


Everyone who is downloading from services like rapidggator or uploaded etc i found a solution.
you can download unlimited times and premium links i think and speed is 100x faster
highly recommend! ! !

@bfk dude i think you r high


Now is the time for a bass compilation. something that should require much time for accuracy and deep focus. spend much available time on this. let us show our strengths.

---- i can’t tell if i’m replying to a post or simply posting to the off topic thread. apologies i cannot be more available for details. hmu on instagram- you can find me <3


Yesterday I finally figured out the mastering. In short, this is equalization of the frequency spectrum. And an equalizer to help me. Everything is very cool.



what happened to my other account? :open_mouth:


Are you talking about an account on the old idmf?


Oh yeah, IDMF borked in December of last year. The mods took the opportunity to move the forums over to fancy new software with some really nice modern features. Like auto-embedding of links! The downside was that we lost all the old data. You can still see it on the wayback machine though.


All old forums, posts, profiles… everything was lost in the great hard drive crash of Dec ‘18. We had to start all over from scratch.


Welcome back :slight_smile:


I think i have so many vsts. I can mess with them for hours and create no songs in the end and it sux. But you should not miss this time. This is the time to gain experience. But I know how a certain synthesizer works or which plugin is better to throw in a chain .




sound engineer’s battery operated boyfriend


take care man maybe we’ll see you sometime in the futu–



tbh I consider it a blessing :smile:


wait hold on Levi @IO_Madness … that wasn’t an “HD crash”. the admin/mod team moved to a new software which just meant not taking the old conversations or profiles with us. there was no other way to do it. I was trying to switch to a better software the entire time I was admin but it never happened. they made it happen. they knew the price and saw it as a way to keep this place up to date. I’m glad they did. the vbulletin software we used was from 2008 or some shit like that. it also had serious security issues.

lesbihonest, this platform is way fucking better. it looks the same but it’s congruent. we all wanted to take all the old posts with us but we couldn’t, there was no way. they knew the price, they knew it would cause a rift, it was a big decision. but hey man, you’re still here. tbh I’m stoked on that. I love to drop into the off-topic thread and see that you’re still posting. love you dude.

there’s never been an “HD crash” where information was lost or corrupted.

there have been two major deletions, based on user error by two different users (one a mod, one an admin) over the last 13 years. the first one was a moderator who didn’t know what he was doing and he cleared a bunch of shit out but it was easily recovered. the second one was where a previous admin did the same thing thinking he was clearing out old threads but literally hard-deleted tens of thousands of posts from the admin panel without knowing what exactly he was clearing – some of them “historically” and to me personally valuable. it was a mistake. I personally lost like 5,000 of my own maybe more. that was years before we transferred to this new platform, at least a year or two after he was long gone because he cried and rage-deleted his own profile not realizing all of his posts would still remain. that last part was comical. at the time, both events sucked but to be honest, it’s given this community an opportunity to grow in different ways and overall I see it as a good thing.

we said some really cool things on the old platform, but we also said a lot of really, really stupid things. they’re gone. i’m at peace with it.

just correcting the semantics/cement-dicks there. no biggie.


Ahh that’s what happened. I never heard the official story. I agree, I like the new Discord forum, lots more functionality and the old site WAS dated. Interesting.


Well that’s certainly interesting new information.


That’s your inner voice. Nobody would say / think that except for you.
Do what you want to do, but take a ragequitter’s word for it :smiley: