The Off-Topic Thread


10 years ago it was spaghetti with garlic and olive oil

Assorted mixes
I mix spinach, clams, crab meat, pesto, garlic, and olive oil with my spaghetti

Yup all the food groups are in one dish…

Tl;dr I’m the new Walter white


Was going to create

a tech and lifestyle thread

To discuss technology

Can create anymore threads…meh…


Today was tough, I couldn’t post for like 5 hours for some reason


You can never be too careful. There are bad guys out there trying to steal your personal info like your beats, melodies, and sometimes even your entire style


I will even say more. You better not release your songs because I will do the same. I’ll listen and do the same.


lol I am so arrogantly confident in my skillz I tell everyone how I do stuff knowing full well they can never copy me. Come at me breh.


We can’t let the bad guys win!!! That’s why I put in the meta tags when I export my tracks :sunglasses:


Makes phat beets

Track is full of resampled copyrighted material…

Also has that same chord progression present in like 140 pop songs


why is it always wumen with samll titis


I seriously need to quit the internet…fucking smartphones making it possible to idmf at my convenience…

How do I change… ???

I watched you change
Change into paper…seriously collect all your loose change into a container…go to those converter thingys…might save 30bucks…

@nostromer, Utah has the world’s busiest 711 I think…


I watched this video on my friends feed of all these awesome looking crepes and ice cream and cake and I got really hungry so i made pancakes at like 1 in the morning and the pancakes were friggin good.


I mean, look at this:


I’m getting diabetes, caries and nausea just looking at that… Don’t tell my wife that stuff exists… :eyes:


Crepes are sooooo good. I haven’t had crepes in forever too.


Actually the Palacinki café in Ettalong Markets serve an interesting selection of savoury and sweet crepes and they can be addictive! Looking at that selection I think poor “old joe” would need some antidote!



Yo it’s been real.
No amount of internet love is gonna change my mind even though I’ve pissed off most of you and most think that I’m a complete wanker who should of been banned a long time ago and say good riddance. I just wanted to say that even though some of you who had the unpleasant experience of having to read the intellectual diarrhea i have spewed thereby having full exposure only to come to the conclusion that I’m just a jerkoff whose brain is full of so much fuck…which is like watching the psychological version of a combination of goatse , the human centipede and one cup…it really has been real and it was a pleasure to know some of you…so spare any of the fuck you’s or any of the goodbye’s That some of you may throw in my direction…I dont really expect anyone to give shit…cause the truth is i’m just another stranger passing through…and i will be forgotten to be remembered…yea I’m gay like that…like a river life goes on…

And its fucking scary to think that our generation will come to inherit the earth…and what we decide to do with it is on us…and the effect that our decisions will have on who comes after us so yea…

Just wanted to say it’s been real, and that I’m finally fucking off for good…despite everything even through the good and bad parts what went on here has had an effect on someone’s life whether directly or indirectly…so not to get too gay… the best of luck to idmf regardless…



Don’t worry about it. Most users on this forum are jerkoffs too;)

But anyway: Taking a good long break from the internet can sometimes be healthy for you. And you know you can always return here if you change your mind about it. Best wishes, and good luck with whatever you’re planning.



So long bfk and thanks for all the fishcats. Stay safe.


If anyone wants some free notation software, this is 100% off until the 8th: